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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12 Tags of 2013 December Tag

12 Tags of 2013 December Tag

OMG , OMG, OMG... this tag is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! Yes, I'm just now getting it done, life was getting in the way and my mojo took a vacation without me. So here I am 6 hours 53 mins. before the deadline; amidst the laundry, housework and bills ... I FINISHED MY TAG !!

You've  got to go over to Tim's site http://timholtz.com/12-tags-of-2013-december/ and check out this tag... you really gotta try this one. Tim and Wendy did an amazing collaboration with the modeling film and the frosted film. I know I've said it many times before but these techniques  just blow me away.  Making the poinsettia was so fun and amazing. Then using Wendy's new archival inks... WOW ... love the colors and on this frosted film... magic ! It's so easy to mold the film too ( imagine that... I did not burn it ... Tim would be so proud). And the stencil touch... that harlequin stencil so fun. Okay ... but what really took the cake ... the splatter brush. NEVER used one before... I got frantic 'cause I did not see instructions for it's use ( yes I googled... saw ALL kinds of instruction... not what I wanted to wade through while trying to make this deadline). I sent an SOS to my dear friend Mario ... you know I LOVE Tim and Mario... doesn't matter what the question is they get right back to you ( I think it was less than five minutes)... Mario told me how to use it !
Okay I had way too much fun flicking... OMG such a cool affect! I think Tiny Tim liked it too ( my youngest cat) he was stretched across a chair trying to look and see what I was doing. I think I saw him blink a few times; oops sorry Tiny Tim; didn't mean to get you too!!
Oh I have so enjoyed this past 12 months of tags; I've learned so much, learned how to embrace my work ... even become very proud of my ability to stick to it even at the most frustrating times. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's tag already. I'm hoping that maybe if you didn't join us all this year that you will for 2014. It really is very rewarding !
Don't forget to check-out the other tags of all of Tim's fans, they are so creative too.
Have a safe , fun, New Year's Eve and a Blessed New Year !

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Altered Bottle Challenge

Altered Bottle Challenge

Hi everybody... Burr ... are you feeling that chill? It's been pretty cold here! The unusual cold inspired my altered bottle for Eclectic Paperie : Altered Bottle Challenge http://eclecticpaperie.blogspot.com/2013/12/altered-bottle-december-get-altered.html . Altered bottles always intrigued me. Mine was originally going to be a Santa Bottle... I was experimenting and dropped a snow branch from a Christmas pick into the bottle; it would not turn the way I wanted it to, and when I tried to retrieve it some of the snow came off on the inside of the bottle ( light bulb moment ... snow scene inside). And the Snowman Bottle idea began to take shape.
I forgot to take a picture of the bottle before I started ( I got so excited and just started right in). The bottle is a Nest Fragrances bottle that I found at my favorite thrift store. Such a cool bottle.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mimi Snow Album ( Paper Bag Album)

Mini Snow Album (Paper Bag)

I finished a UFO today !  I created this mini album from three paper bags using Recollections Blue Christmas Papers and varies punches and embellishments from my stash. It was created as a sample for a teacher, who wanted a project for her students to make to display their photos from their photography class. The project never came to fruition... but I had already started the sample and decided to complete it. Felt good to have a completed UFO !

I decorated the inside pages using  various punches   Small Snowman Ek Success, Mittens Ek Success, Large Snow Flake and mini snow flake Marvy, Medium snow Flakes from Cricut Accent Essential Cartridge . I used  Color Box Cream White and Robin's Egg Pigment ink to ink the edges of the papers, and some of the snow flakes and the snow men. Such a cool effect !

                The back cover; I used the Tim Holtz Snowman die and the On the Edge Snow Flake die. The letters where created using  Cricut  Plantin SchoolBook cartridge. And the small snow flakes were   Marvy punch. I further embellished with buttons from Recollections and bling from my stash.

12 Tags of 2013 W/ Tim Holtz November Tag

12 Tags of 2013 November Tag

Hey everybody , Happy Thursday afternoon. Wow one week before Thanksgiving... where did the time go ?
Quick update on my foot... I have  9 more days in this boot !! Almost there... it's been cold and rainy here so I'm getting some aching, other than that it's doing great.
Okay... this months tag Tim is using the Leaf Blueprint Framelit. OMG... I took one look at it and decided it was going to be hard and tedious. To my surprise it was not. Go check out his Tag, this is so cool. The look of those framelits intimidated me, I kept hoping Tim would not do a tag with them, BUT he did ... LOL  http://timholtz.com/12-tags-of-2013-november/.
What a cool effect... this has got to be the fastest tag I've ever done. The framelit was amazingly easy; I actually love it ...  feeling like a "real artist" about now. I may have to get some more  , the Snowman and the Christmas Tree are pretty cute... you should check them out.
That crystal embossing antiquities has such cool properties... I liked using it ( I just knew I was going to mess up... when I saw Tim tips for heating)... I got it right the first time! Then the chalk... oh so cool to scribble over the embossing; this chalkboard effect is amazing.  Another tag done more techniques learned what fun. Well since Tim got the framelit out of the way I can't imagine what we'll be doing for December ... can you ? Well hope you are trying these. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and see you next month. Don't forget to go and see the creations of the  Tim community on Tim's sight; these are some creative folks !!

Friday, November 15, 2013

YAY... I WENT TO COFFEE TODAY ! oh I guess I should have taken a full view photo. I got "cute" caus' I got to go out ... Lol maybe next time. Glad to be out and see my coffee friends. I'm home now feet up ...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trick Or Treat !

Hi everybody... hehehe ... I'm pushing it tonight ! If you saw my previous post you know I'm still recovering from my fractured foot. My play time has been somewhat limited as I can't get to all my play toys.
Anyway, I decided to play with things I had near by.  Due to my foot injury I missed my last Julie Girls Club date. So I decided to do my own Halloween fun project.

I love these Julie Nutting Stamps. I chose to use Mia  ( she's #7); the first six dolls did not have names. Mia was stamped on the Buff Paper and dressed in papers from My Mind's Eye  Wicked Mechant Malvado. It was so fun dressing her. I used the Julie Nutting Tag to mount her. I distressed the tag with black soot distressing Ink, used distress markers to color her shoes. I used a film strip and small cut outs from the paper pack to create a film strip background embellishment. Punched flowers from various punches from my stash, layered the flowers; curling and crumpling the edges to give varied textures, and then added bling to the centers. Wanted to add more texture so I added a piece of black gauze along the filmstrip and used a strip for ribbon on the tag. Used pop dots to pop up the banner and a couple of other Halloween themed pictures.  Happy Halloween !
Oh... I forgot to tell you I got brave and entered my tag at Ranger
s Halloween Crafting Contest http://rangerink.com/halloween-crafting-contest/. Go over and check out the entries, they are pretty amazing. Okay the warden ( my husband... he gives reports to the doctor) has come again ... I'd better go . Thanks for stopping by!

12 Tags of 2013 October Tag

12 Tags of 2013 October Tag

Hi everybody ! It's that time again. First an update on my foot ... I'm still under house arrest !
Okay... on to the tag. This month we are using Tim's new Distress Glitters,  Ornate Frame , Mini Owl and Crescent Moon and those cutsie  Mirrored Stars ! Oh what fun. You must go over to Tim's site
http://timholtz.com/12-tags-of-2013-october/ to see the details. This tag not unlike any other tag was full of techniques.  I love the marbling technique for the background of the tag, so fun; especially with those awesome new Distress Paint colors ; Seedless Preserves, Scattered Straw, Ripe Persimmons and Crushed Olive... a fun fall palette! And those Distress Glitters... so pretty. Now I gotta tell you, once you use them you're gonna want more colors. I was never a glitter girl but I like these ... gonna have to get used to using them ( I some how managed to brush quite a bit off while working on my tag). I love adding the script to the background just made me feel like a "true" artist !!
Well it's a short post, as I've had my foot down too long it's now throbbing and the warden has already been in here twice to see if I'm still up. Do go over and check out the other tags from the Tim community and I'll see you next month ... hopefully I'll be done with the cast and the boot !! Trick Or Treat !

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness

Like many of you Breast Cancer has hit my family and friends . I hold a special place in my heart for all the women who have fought that fight. I honor you and celebrate you for EVERYDAY that you get up and go about your daily lives. I celebrate you for your awesome courage! May God continue to Bless each one of you. In honor of you I'm sharing (re-sharing) a project I made a couple of years ago for a contest to raise money for Cancer Awareness. I've gotta do something with it right ( I did win the contest too ! ) ? 
It was a Decorated Bra Contest. Being the Tim-A-Holic I am I choose to decorate using, my tattered florals die and grunge paper for the flowers,  several Idealogy embellishments, distressing inks and various stamps. You can see more details in my archives ( September 2011  "Wow I Can't Believe I Did This ).   I have also included  an ATC and tags  made to encourage you!  Be Blessed !

Front View

Back View

Monday, September 30, 2013

Fractured Foot Frenzie

Life in a cast can be so challenging! You take so many things for granted until you can't do them then you realize what a Blessing it is to be independent!! This INDEPENDENT girl hates to depend on other people. I had forgotten how frustrating this could be. Lots of humor too!

I have to remember the cast is heavy , when I sit on the side of the bed to take off the shoe, I forget and almost fall off the edge.  I've got a cute " tuck and roll " to get from the foot of the bed to the head of the bed ( the walker does not fit between the  bed and my dresser ... unless I go side ways); so I stop at the foot and roll to the head of the bed; I get tickled every time I do it!
I call my side ways step the Harvey Corman shuffle!
This is day five of this cast ... I'm already tired of it :) !
All and all I'm behaving pretty well. I travel from my bedroom to the living room and to the bathroom. I've gone to the kitchen a couple of times only to discover I can't do much there. My record time for the bathroom trip is two minutes!! I quickly learned I needed to allow "travel time" and I call for "runway clearance" !! Tiny Tim and Lefty won't come to me they run when they see the walker coming.  Fortunately I'm not in pain. I hit my toes a couple of times while trying to maneuver at the computer and my work table; that left me in tears ! Well that's it for now I do a couple of hours up then go put my feet up !!! I just remind myself this will be over soon :) !

12 Tags of 2013 September Tag

September Tag

Hi everybody! It's that time again... OMG this September Tag is amazing. You have got to check out Tim's Tag over at his site http://timholtz.com/12-tags-of-2013-september/; it's amazing I tell you! You know I can't do a tag without some drama ( or at least that's what it seems like); August 26th I fractured my left foot. It's been wrapped with ace bandage and I have that cute surgical shoe; and when out on it I wear my famous Frankenstein Boot. Last week I returned to doctor for four week check-up to find it's not healing as expected by this date, bone moved... sooo they send me to foot doctor (lucky me ... my foot doctor, because the foot doctor in their medical group was unavailable until October). I now have a bright blue cast !! What does that have to do with my tag you ask? Well, I almost had everything out before my doctor appointment ... a few things missing,  so I . had to send hubby to Queendom to look for what I needed... OMG ... comical but not comical ; he's fussing telling me I'm not supposed to be out there I'm trying to tell him where my things are. Needless to say a husband in your craft room, fussing at you while you teeter on a walker ( trying not to put any weight on the injured foot) is VERY frustrating !!! So I abandoned the idea of getting this tag done for that day and went back to bed.  The next morning I call myself sneaking out to the Queendom... only to discover my walker and I would not fit through the area I needed to get to... BUSTED !!!
ANYWAY ... I got past that hurdle only to find that maneuvering between the computer and the work area was miserable; because this cast just wouldn't fit right... causing my foot to swell because of the angle I had it at... which shortened my work time... OMG!!! Being the Tim-A-Holic that I am I was not giving up ... This tag was going to get done... so here it is!
This month we are using the fabulous new layering stencils (7 of them)... oh the techniques are fun... like magic before your eyes . I got carried away with the first layer, the embossing paste was so fun! I wasn't totally pleased with my tag ... I had problems reaching things I needed ( it tired me and frustrated me)...I put stuff close but if it was too close it cluttered my work space. I did get the hang of  the layers ... and I did get to see the effects... so cool! Well another tag done, I made the deadline :) ! See you next month... going to go put my foot up and do bills. Don't forget to go check out Tim's Tag ... OKAY ?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My New Venture - Julie's Girls ( Julie Nutting Dolls)

I joined a Club at Scrap-N-Yap ...learning techniques for making Julie's Dolls. I must admit I have the six original stamps and have had them for months but had not made not one doll until a couple of  weeks ago!  I love those dolls ( got them on my Pinterest). These people are so creative; I love collecting all these ideas. Well... yesterday I needed a break from my UFOs so I made a couple of dolls. I decided to make a Julie's  Girls Journal so I can take notes in it, when I learn new techniques ( you know at my age we think we'll remember stuff BUT you don't so I take notes when we meet.
So here is my Journal...
So fun ... so girlie 1 I used  #8 Julie Nutting Doll and papers from  Recollections "Fabulous Girl "
paper pad. These papers were so perfect, I knew when I saw the pad that I wanted these papers for my journal. I used Recollections white  glitter letters that I colorized with my distress markers. letters.
Not a good idea to handle them in 90 degree weather with sweat... yes sweat ( someone once told me women don't sweat we perspire... they LIED !!! ) running off your face and dripping on your hands. It smeared a little... oh well !! I love that I had small pearls, and dainty bows in my stash to use to embellish my doll. So fun !!  Well gotta get back to UFOs see you for my next challenges !

Oh... I forgot you might want to see some dolls I'm working on...
I'll share again when I complete them ( if I don't forget) ! Gotta go secure my work area now so cats don't get it ... time to put my foot up for awhile. It's 9:40 P.M. it is still 84 degrees here ... ugh!!
So happy my foot is only wrapped and not in a cast... I can ice it and it helps with the swelling! See you later :)

Brushing Up With Sista "Diva" Girlfriend

Oh my goodness paintbrush art was not in my vocabulary.! Over at Eclectic Paperie's Blog they had a paintbrush challenge and you guessed it... I decided to play along ( okay ... I have to stop laughing long enough to get through this post) . I love Eclectic Paperie's Challenges but rarely do I play along... they are always so unique ( don't tell them I have a stack of unfinished challenge attempts where I did not make the deadlines) ... but do go visit them  http://eclecticpaperie.blogspot.com/2013/08/eteam-picks-challenge-mixed-media.html .
Anyway... let me show you what I did. I had an old paint brush with a red handle, I had no idea
 what I was going to do, then I remember an old stamp I had, I got so tickled thinking of the possibilities but nothing was coming so I went to bed. Oh my goodness when I closed my eyes, the ideas started coming... Sista Girlfriend was born.  I used my Loralie Sister Stamp ( had to dust her off), my first thought was to use the bristles as her hair and to braid it... oh so difficult... anyway I got one braid, wrapped it and used the heat gun to "seal" it .. hahaha ...duh...melted the bristles !!!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Popcorn Box Birthday Card

Every now and then I'll dream something and it comes to fruition. I needed a birthday card for a sweet three year old, I wanted something quick but unique. While standing in the dollar ( actually 1.50 now ) bin aisle I came up with this idea went home slept on it and went back to make my purchase.

I used three popcorn boxes for the background, used animal stickers, and little mini cards, and I cut the numbers from red card stock. I held them together with one ring and I added colorful ribbons to the ring. Oh... the stars are cupcake picks that I added number stickers to. Now you know anything that cute needs it's own envelope right?

I decorated a white envelope with an invitation ( from the matching party goods in the bin), put his name on it with black stickers, added the animal stickers and the number three, with three of hearts card. So much fun to watch this dream come to fruition. The preschool teacher in me created this card so he could "Count" three in various ways as he read his card. It was cute to watch him count the animals... I forgot to take pictures at the party. Oh well ! Another thing I liked about this creation it could stand up by itself !

12 Tags of 2013 w/Tim Holtz August Tag

12 Tags of 2013 August Tag

Hi everybody, I know it's been a long time. It's been hot and life has been crazy! I fractured my left foot this week so I've been slow getting things done. But not to worry; I don't like feeling left out... sooooooo I got my August tag done., yay me. People it's 8:45 P.M. and it is STILL 80 degrees, sweat is running off my face and in my eyes!
Tim once again has come up with some cool techniques; he did four tags, I wanted to do all four but I only had stamps for one ( I'm not too disappointed). Stop in at his site
http://timholtz.com/12-tags-of-2013-august/ and check out those cool tags. You really should try the techniques of masking, it is so cool. I procrastinated because it looked intimidating... but to my surprise it was quite easy. I think this is the fastest tag I've ever done. I love the Road Trip stamp set. The background was done with the Pumice Stone and Frayed Burlap Distress Stains... such fun color combination. I'm getting better with the Distress Markers... wow, I like how that came out... I used
Faded Jeans, Salty Ocean, Ripe Persimmon and Black Soot Distress Markers to color miles traveled piece. Over all I'm pleased with my tag. I'm gonna play with this technique again in the near future.
Thanks Tim for another fun tag! See You soon ( time for September tag already) !

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Camdon !

Today was Camdon's 1st Birthday. His mommy wanted to Celebrate by having all of Camdon's Prayer Warriors across the country release balloons in his honor to Heaven. Today was just not the day for things to go right for me. I got Camdon's special balloons, I wasn't able to catch up with the boys (my nephews to help me release the balloons)... so I went by myself. It was 90 degrees outside when I went to get the balloons so it was very difficult to get the balloons in the car. My plan was to drive to the Rose Bowl... didn't think I would make it there so I stopped at a park near the party store. I forgot and left my message at home ( to attach) ... so I wrote my note on a post-it and attached it to the ribbons ... just as I got out the car it got very windy. I clipped the balloons to a tree branch so I could take a picture and the green one popped. I did take a picture in the car just in case that happened BUT for some unknown reason it did not come out. I had five balloons ( 5 the number for Grace)!

Daah... mystery of missing photos ( I said it was an off day) photo 3 & 4 were taken from the car... the green balloon is at the right corner. Anyway I managed to sing  Happy Birthday through the tears and released the balloons ... Happy 1st Birthday my precious Camdon ! God gave us a beautiful day to celebrate you !!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Day In Heaven... Carson Stamp Show

Okay... the show was almost a week ago and I'm STILL excited !! Got to spend the day with my long time scrap buddy/friend/sister from another mother; Karen. We had not seen each other for three years.  We had lots of catching up to do !
 So many highlights of this trip,  got to see my guys Tim Holtz and Mario Rossi. Even got to meet the charming Mr. Stamper Anonymous , Ted. The day was spent drooling over ALL the Tim Holtz product, watching Tim demo new product. Also got to watch Dyan, the Dylusions Queen at work. She's as cool and crazy in person as she is in her videos. Between her and Tim their booths were packed consistently. It is so awesome to spend the day watching the masters at work. There were other amazing stamp company's there also ( we did manage to tear ourselves away from Tim to check them out... okay so I torn myself away... you know Karen made rounds) LOL !!

Tim demoed,  shared stories and signed books and the Cargo Cases ( got a fantastic deal on those)... YES ... I got one and he signed it!! And Tim made ME  a tag... I was so JAZZED  ... I tell you it was a day in heaven !!

I watched Tim for a couple of hours, got to visit with Joy and Ted; watched Dyan, watched Tim some more; laughed and talked with Mario ( got hugs from Ted, Tim and Mario !!! ) ... oh yeah this girl was in Heaven... Thanks for a WONDERFUL DAY guys!!  I love that these guys are "real"... Ted is as charming as I had heard. And Tim's stories were hilarious.  Watching him work and show all these amazing techniques was heaven in itself... I learned so much. And my fellow Tim-a-holics  were fun as well; crazy but fun !!!  Karen,  THANK YOU  for sharing such an awesome day with me. :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

July Tag 12 Tags of 2013

July Tag 2013

Hi everybody ! Wow,  can you believe it's already July 11th ? Time is flying by. I finished my July Tag ... another fun tag. This month Tim used his tag to honor the 19 firemen who lost their lives fighting a fire in Prescott Arizona. http://timholtz.com/12-tags-of-2013-july/.  As usual the tag was packed with many awesome techniques. I was so excited when I saw the tag because I knew I had all the supplies... well almost! I did not have the Old Glory Die that Tim used but I did have the Mini Old Glory Set.
The technique for the background looked so easy until I tried it, it took a couple of test attempts before I could get the right amount of ( or lack of) pressure on the brayer; but it's a real cool technique. I did not have those background stamps either but I went to my stash, I had the coolest  7 gypsies clear stamp set . It worked very well and since my flag was smaller I had an open space so I decided to use my mini patriotic blueprint stamp of the statue of liberty... perfect for my open space.
Oh and I DID NOT have salty ocean distress stain ... not to worry ( even though it kept playing over in my head that I did not have it)... I used my broken china it worked. Salty Ocean Distress Stain now on my shopping list... what can I say... I'm a Tim-a-holic!! Anyway I got past that issue. I like that I got to use some of my other Tim stash, the clips, the sentiment stamp , the rock candy crackle paint, and the tissue tape. You really must go look at Tim's tag... better yet why don't you just go ahead and do the tag... you'll have fun watching it manifest before your eyes! Using that crackle paint and then the distress stain over it is so cool to watch and the finished look is so amazing!
Thank you Tim for another fun tag. Do keep the 19 Fire fighter's families in your prayers as well as the others still out on the front lines. Try and stay cool ... it's 2:45 A.M. and it is 70 degrees... can you believe it? Oh well I'm tired enough to fall off to sleep, see you next month !

Monday, June 24, 2013

Go Wild Cats !

Graduation Card
It's been busy around the Queendom Annex ... I've been having technical difficulties so I gotta get it done while I can sorry to over load you ... but I had promised to post this card and I had not done it.
I made this card for a very special young man at my church  who graduated from Monrovia High School ... Go Wildcats !  Their colors are green and white, I was fortunate to find Monrovia High School stickers at Scrap N' Yap  in Monrovia  ... Woo Hoo  !
That's it for now... Have a Good Night everybody !