Queendom Relics by Rea'

Thursday, July 27, 2017

My New Normal Isn't Normal Yet !

Well ...  here it is July 27, 2017 ! Things have not gone as I had planned ( not complaining , just an observation). I've come to the conclusion , it is what it is. The Queendom is still in progress. I'm happy to report I got the china cabinet back in the kitchen, the bookshelf moved to it's rightful place in the Queendom and the last shelf assembled. That was a BIG task; long over due since the remodel. It took about a week to recover physically but I am so pleased with myself for getting it done. It's funny I go out and stand in the doorway starring at my mess every morning with a BIG Smile on my face. It is my way of reassuring myself that what I want to happen will come to fruition soon.

I'm still looking for my new normal. I thought June was going to be a very productive month for me; in some ways I guess it was. I did six backgrounds in my art journal in preparation for my Dylusions Challenges ( I tried to play catch up ); my thinking was if I did the challenges I missed that might make me feel better ... hahaha! Okay so July  came I started a page for Carte Blanche, made two sets of Hipsters for Tim Holtz HipForSummer Challenge ( Hipsters were finished but I didn't complete the projects I planned for each one); made two Tiny Houses ( Tim Holtz), made two Assermblage wristbands and started a necklace (also Tim Holtz); made an Anniversary card,  and two birthday cards;  and planned and stamped two Julie Nutting Dolls for a couple of Challenges and started three scrapbook pages.  The anniversary card and the birthday cards were the only completed projects. In my spare time in the course of three weeks I attended SEVEN funerals of special people  in my life and have taken care of my husband. I think he's on the mend now. Praise God!

I'm happy to report that in spite of not completing my projects that I was not completely disappointed; I came to the conclusion my new normal just  isn't normal yet !  My plan is to complete these projects and to keep moving. My new target date for the Queendom is August.

I'm also very happy to report I got my new phone ( have had it  almost a month); I'm still in the activation stages ... don't laugh! THIS WAS A BIG STEP for me ... I got a Smart phone. I'm feeling a little like  Grannie from the Beverly Hillbillies ... meeting Technology !! Maybe in another week I'll turn the phone on ... hahaha !  I have crossed a few hurdles moving from an antiquated  Motorola Karma QA1 to a Samsung Galaxy S7. My Motorola had died and I had no display so transferring contacts has become an "issue". Another gentle  reminder that My NEW NORMAL ISN'T NORMAL YET ! See you soon  ...