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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Camdon !

Today was Camdon's 1st Birthday. His mommy wanted to Celebrate by having all of Camdon's Prayer Warriors across the country release balloons in his honor to Heaven. Today was just not the day for things to go right for me. I got Camdon's special balloons, I wasn't able to catch up with the boys (my nephews to help me release the balloons)... so I went by myself. It was 90 degrees outside when I went to get the balloons so it was very difficult to get the balloons in the car. My plan was to drive to the Rose Bowl... didn't think I would make it there so I stopped at a park near the party store. I forgot and left my message at home ( to attach) ... so I wrote my note on a post-it and attached it to the ribbons ... just as I got out the car it got very windy. I clipped the balloons to a tree branch so I could take a picture and the green one popped. I did take a picture in the car just in case that happened BUT for some unknown reason it did not come out. I had five balloons ( 5 the number for Grace)!

Daah... mystery of missing photos ( I said it was an off day) photo 3 & 4 were taken from the car... the green balloon is at the right corner. Anyway I managed to sing  Happy Birthday through the tears and released the balloons ... Happy 1st Birthday my precious Camdon ! God gave us a beautiful day to celebrate you !!

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