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Friday, June 26, 2015

!2 Tags of 2015 January Tag

Yes, I know it is June ! A month ago in a discussion with some friends... they could not believe I did not do the January tag ... so I promise to do it and post it on my blog .
So here it is girls...
I actually feel "whole" again ... it just didn't feel right not having my January Tag... Tim2 and no January Tag... I could not live that down :)
 Now this tag was intimidating ( maybe that's why I had no drive to get it done) all those little stickers. YAY ... I did it !

I really love the technique for the background it was so amazing... love working with that tissue paper; and the paint put on with fingers so awesome. I think this had to be one of the messiest tags for me ... I had glossy accent everywhere ( maybe because I was rushing). my gold leaf pen would not work for the  spritzer technique ... I'll have to revisit that technique ... I've got it down for the markers but the gold leaf pen was not co-operating :)
Alright girls hope you enjoy it and hope you will join me for the rest of the tags.

12 Tags of 2015 June Tag

Yay ... I got my June Tag done !   This tag was sooooooo much fun to do. Not unlike any other Tim Holtz tag it was chalked with so many fun details. I so love the plaid  ... the DIY ink pad was so cool to make..  but the  stripe stencil to make plaid ... genius !!. I tell you  that Tim comes up with the coolest ideas! It was hard not to get excited over each step, as I could see the tag taking shape.
 I've got to admit the straw kinda stumped me ... but I got it... not too much embracing of imperfections on this one. Eat your heart out Starbucks :)

This die is so much fun ... I can't wait to get to my UFO's I have a mini album that this cup would be perfect for. And the frosted lid LOL ... way cool !

Thanks Tim for another cool tag "experience " ! See you all next month. Can't wait to see what's in store. Gotta a wedding I'm doing decorations for so I hope to be able to keep up!

CC3 Challenge #31

Hi Everybody ! Yay ... I'm early ... no last minute for me this time... very busy working on a wedding so I need to do my CC3 Challenge now ( don't want to be left out).  Well  here we are at CC3 Challenge # 31.
Linda Ledbetter over at Studio L3 http://lindaledbetter.com/2015/06/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-31.html ; our amazing hostess has laid out guidelines for you to follow if you would like to participate. We are continuing to explore Tim Holtz's  A Compendium of Curiosities Volume III. to participate you must have your own copy of the book because we cannot give instructions on the techniques ... you can't either !  Now you should check http://lindaledbetter.com/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-faq so that you can familiarize yourself ( or refresh your memory) regarding  the guidelines for the challenge ... I don't want you to be left out of the fun! And this will help you answer any questions you may have. We have two amazing sponsors and our sponsor this challenge is Inspiration Emporium http://www.inspirationemporium.com/. It's an awesome online store owned and operated by the delightful Joy Kennedy and her family.
To be eligible for prizes ( and they are cool prizes) you'll need to follow ALL the guidelines and visit the blogs of the amazing Curiosity Crew and show them some love. It's real easy ; you just click on their projects and it will take you to their blog. It's okay to OOOOOO and AAAH ( but they can't hear you) so you'll need to leave them a comment ... LOL !!  Be prepared to spend some time at each one (grab a cup of coffee; put your feet up ) ; BE PREPARED to be WOWED !

Oh yeah ... if you still don't have the book ( Shame on you ) ; seriously if you don't have it go visit my friend Tim  Holtz at http://timholtz.com/ he'd be happy to autograph a copy for you !

Challenge # 31 is Layering Stencil Paint Resist , found on page 47.
It's so difficult at times not to tell you what I did because I get so jazzed about the techniques. I don't know about you ( if you've traveled this journey with us); we've just done so many techniques that I didn't even imagine I would do ... so I tend to get excited about them. I will tell you that at first glance this looked intimidating. Once I got started I was presently surprised at how easy it is. I'm in love with this one !

Since it's close to the 4th of July I decided to go with patriotic  colors. I used fired brick, faded jeans, and  pumice stone distressing inks. For my embellishments I used  photobooth, special delivery remnant rubs, seasonal chitchat, hashtag stamp set, index label, crinkle ribbon, custom fasteners, trinket pin, heart charm , Wendy Vecchi's red geranium embossing powder and four stencils : Hearts, stars, numbered and rays. From my Queendom stash I used lace, denim, embroidery floss and fibers.

I followed the instructions on page  and created a tag ...  OMG... this is so cool. Can you see the four stencils I used ?  Look close ... how cool is that ?! I almost hated to cover it up !

Well hope you enjoyed my tag. I'm off to do my  June Tag for 12 Tags of 2015 ! I've got to get my crafting out of the way as I will be working on Weddings decorations for the weekend and preparing for a Memorial Service... I've been asked to speak for Baby Levi's Memorial Service. Family has chosen to "Celebrate " Baby Levi at our Family 4th Celebration. And then I'll be off again to finalize preparations for July 17th Wedding . Fun, fun , fun !! See you soon

Have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July !

Friday, June 19, 2015

CC3 Challenge #30

OMG ... we are REALLY here ... Challenge # 30 ! WOW ... Linda Ledbetter over at StudioL3 http://lindaledbetter.com/2015/06/compendium-of-curiosities-challenge-30-2.html has done a fabulous job of keeping us "engaged" on this most exciting Journey through  Tim Holtz's A Compendium of Curiosities Volume III . Now if you are just joining us you are wondering what is CC3 and how can you get involved ? Well we got answers for you  http://lindaledbetter.com/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-faq  check it out ... just click this link and all your questions will be answered.; not a lot of rules but guidelines for you to follow to make the  journey fun . We've got great sponsors too ... the sponsor for Challenge 30 is The Funkie Junkie Boutique  http://www.thefunkiejunkie.com/ ; should you be chosen as the  winner you'll have a cool $25 Shopping Spree at their online store !

We've also got this amazing Curiosity Crew that jump starts us every challenge ... boy what a treat this is; they are amazing !  Now to be eligible for some goodies from Tim and Mario you will want to visit each one of their blogs and show them some love. Real easy to do ; just click on each one of their projects and "feast your eyes " , prepare to be wowed !
Alright you ready? Let's do this ... Challenge # 30 is  Faux Cracked Glass found on page 54 in your Compendium of Curiosities Volume III . You read the guidelines right?! ... so you know you NEED your own book because  I cannot give you detailed instructions ... I DO WANT you to join us!! Visit my friend Tim at http://timholtz.com/ he can  hook you up with a SIGNED COPY  of his book. SIDE NOTE; Even if you don't join us this is a GREAT RESOURCE book, you will want to have in your crafting library.
OMG ... this is so fun... hahaha Linda said you'd be saving every bottle ... well I think you'll be searching out every kind of bottle or jar to play with. I did three different items !!!

I've been super busy these past weeks planning and making decorations for a friends wedding; keeping up ( or trying to keep up with) my women's Bible Study Group and just do life . I was stumped for an idea of what to do ( even after all the inspiration from the Crew) ... as I was studying an idea came ... I wanted to do something unique. We are studying Proverbs ... Proverbs 9:10 came to mind " The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom , And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. " My light bulb moment ... I had this cute light bulb and knowledge token ... when I think of wisdom I think of my grandmother; she used to say  "pearls of wisdom" ! So my project was born ... a light bulb with pearls !

Following the directions on page 54 I "prepared" the light bulb. I used lake mist alcohol ink to colorize my light bulb ... okay I'm so giddy at this point ... love the look. I dropped five ( five is the number of Grace) pearls from  Ideaology baubles in to the light bulb. Then I colorized  Tim's ribbon with  fossilized amber distress stain tipped with vintage photo distress ink. I further embellished my light bulb  with  clear baubles, a tear drop pearl and knowledge muse token which I attached to a ribbon and lace bow with a wire pin.

Hope you enjoyed my light bulb LOL ! Don't forget to visit the Curiosity Crews blogs and show them some love. I may or may not be back before deadline ... we shall see :)

Friday, June 5, 2015

CC3 Challenge # 29

Happy Friday ! Here I am almost 11th hour again ... I cannot believe how my week has gone ... especially not today. But important thing is I'm here now ! Let's do this ...

Here we are at Challenge # 29 ... 29 can you believe it ? Our gracious hostess Linda Ledbetter over at Studio L3 http://lindaledbetter.com/2015/05/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-29.html and the wonderful Curiosity Crew has for 29 times "escorted" us on the magnificent Journey through Tim Holtz's book A  Compendium of Curiosities Volume III.  It's not to late for you to join our Journey; however you will need to consult the "tour guide" aka the guidelines on Linda's blog. The guidelines are simple , pretty easy to follow ( except for those of us who get a little excited and want to tell it all ). We have wonderful sponsors and our sponsor for this leg of our Journey is Inspiration Emporium http://www.inspirationemporium.com/ ; the family owned online store; owned and operated by the beautiful Joy Kennedy and her family. Now if you have never checked them out, hit the link I provided and check them out. If you join us, follow the guidelines  you could be eligible for a $50 shopping spree in their store ... let me tell you $50 can buy a lot of Tim stash!
Want to join us but not sure where to start ? Check out the Curiosity Crew's projects; visit their  blogs... be prepared to be wowed ... it's okay to ooooo and aaah ... they like those; so show them some love. If you do you can also have a chance  to win  some goodies sent by Tim Holtz and Mario Rossi. So get YOUR book ... let's get BUSY !! Oh... you STILL don't have one ...  go get it ...http://timholtz.com/new-distress-hickory-smoke/ ... while you are there check out Tim's latest post ... the New Distress  color was revealed today; oh and don't forget to ask for a signed copy of A Compendium of Curiosities Volume III .
Challenge #29 is Eroded Metallic found on page 44.
I've created a tag ... I'm in the embracing mode this week ... hehehe ! Should I tell you what happened??? Nah ... let's just say I managed to save the tag. I followed the instructions for the technique , I had to do it a couple of times before I was satisfied with the results. It is a pretty cool technique once you get the hang of it ( just so you know... the technique WAS NOT my reason for "embracing")... as the kids say it took me a minute :)

So um ...  I covered up my fabulous eroded tag ( the best of the two) and I forgot to take a photo so here is what it may have looked like.  :)

My weapons of choice  for this challenge were my Time Travelers and Purveyor Stamp Sets. In keeping with the eroded theme I stamped my traveler with sepia archival ink. I used another one of Tim's techniques from a previous year of tags ... so fun !

Well that's it for now. Oh just want to thank the Curiosity Crew once again for choosing me for the winner of Challenge # 28 , I'm  excited , jazzed and honored ! And thank you to all of you (in case I missed anybody)  of my CC3 community who left me comments.