Queendom Relics by Rea'

Monday, July 30, 2012

10 Minute Card Challenge Graphic 45

10 Minute Card Challenge Curtain Call Collection I believe this paper is All That Jazz
( I used scraps from a previous project to make my card). I cut a panel distressed the edges with
walnut stain distress ink. I lightly distressed the edges, added black ribbon and some lace from my stash. Then I cut circles from various other scraps from this same collection, distressed their edges, crumpled them and then stacked them to create this flower adding a black brad to the center. I added a Happy Birthday sticker to the trumpet....All done !!

10 Minute Card Challenge G45

10 Minute Card Challenge  When Pigs Fly from Olde Curiosity Shoppe Collection ...Okay the card itself may have taken 10 minutes ...But it took longer than that to decide what to do. I got papers but am waiting for other embellishments so I did not want to use them up ( in case my local store was out). But I love this one and thought I could accomplish the task. I used my Tim Holtz die for the title ( fun trying to center the words to cut...humm). I just knew when I first saw this paper something I made from it had to have a fussy cut pig. Found the Perfect ribbon... somehow when I thought of the pig nose I thought of a button, so perfect touch for the ribbon... and of course my signature...bling! All the edges were distressed with vintage photo distressing ink.

Blog Problem Update

Three days later... I believe the problem is fixed. They sent these pics so I attempted to do a little "housekeeping". Thank you for being  patient with me. Boy did I learn a new skill. To post my challenges I had to bluetooth as the system would not allow me to send directly to my blog... ugh,
what a head ache. I think I got it done ... okay!

Red, White and Blue

Red, white and cool... I finished my  July tag for 12 Tags of 2012 with Tim Holtz. I had this piece left over that I had played with and decided to turn it into a tag for the Inspiration Journal Blog Challenge. July's challenge is  a Red, White and Blue theme.  I kept looking at this piece and my mishap toward the middle looked like a flower so I decided to create this unique  image. I used one of my G45 stamps for the lady and then a random flower from my stash to create textured petals. Sorry I did not think to take a picture before I stamped the lady so that you could see what inspired this image.

This was a challenge within a challenge. I had to use  items on my work table to create this tag. I colorized the bling using alcohol ink so that the bling was the same color as the compressed air images.
I used cardstock scraps to create a crop for my center piece. The piece went from trash to unique treasure using my imagination ( I wish you could have been in my head at the beginning).

Using my Tim Holtz stamps I stamped a partial July Calendar, and a post card stamp. I had already stamped the eagle, so I needed to do something to "pull" everything together. Since I had an eagle I went for the feathers for an accent. It needed some more red, so looking at the lady's hat I decided on a red flower. It was a "stretch" to pull it together but I think I accomplished it and had fun in the process. Imaginations are great!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

12 Tags of 2012 July Tag

Tag drama episode # 3 , okay I finally picked my lip up off  the floor,  marched to the Queendom and gathered supplies. I thought maybe I might skip this one because I did not have all I WANTED to have for it ( not gonna happen... skipping that is). I had the tags, alcohol inks, twine, token ...BUT NO STAMP... humm... what to use what to use ( mind you this was back on or about July 6th); around about the 17th  I started my tag... I decided to use my eagle stamp.  NO Compressed Air !!! Okay hubby had some or at least he said he had maybe three squirts... it was actually 2 and a half...Tim told us to laugh out loud... I'm not laughing yet... first two puffs went fine, the metallic, not so good, I couldn't see the solution, got too much, my metallic went all over, covered my almost perfect red and blue...NOW no more air, so I got my lens cleaner bulb ( okay you can laugh here... I DID), I thought it might work...WRONG... okay how many of you know that when you are totally frustrated the brain DOES NOT WORK? I called each one of my siblings begging for air... my brother who was probably the last one I called said "get a straw, you huffin' and puffin' that otta' work" . Long story short Huff and Puff Queen to the rescue!

Did not like my  results so I put the tag down walked away, so today at 2 days,9 hours and 43minutes I picked it back up ... laughed at what I had put myself through and finished my tag!

I did not have the small #4 so using my vintage market die I cut a 4 from a scrap of foil tape, in my haste I forgot all that I learned about the use of this tape; sooooooo the impressions from my cutting board came out on my 4... at first I panicked then second glance... pretty cool ...

Tim says we should embrace our imperfections... the more I look at it the better I like it. This was a fun technique ... I WILL be trying this one again when I get compressed air. If you have not tried this... it is a must, it really is fun!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blogger Problems

Yesterday I was having major ( or at least major for me) problems. I came in from a funeral to upload some photos to my blog, while handling phone calls ( my aunt had a stroke) so everybody was calling to give updates etc., I'm usually a source of information for family on this end of town but since I was at a funeral I did not get information... okay long story short I tried to send some photos as I normally do to my blog and IT'S NOT WORKING ... OH NO ... the phone says they are sent nothing on the blog ... this is not the day.... so we are testing ( we being me and my husband... humm)...

Well , now a day later still no post!! About an hour ago I started getting messages on my phone about delivery status... OMG ... delivery delayed... no "duff" !!! It actually said you do not need to resend your messages ... I got  FOUR messages!!!  I am not a happy camper... anyway this test photo was to check to see if photos in my computer can be posted. Plan #2 ( I got uploads to do for a couple of challenges ... deadline approaching ). I will try to bluetooth... see you soon ...maybe !?

My Oldest Cat Lefty

Lefty  sometimes likes to sleep close to where I am working, but gets very "bothered" if I disturb
him. He actually turns his back on me to let meknow he's bothered.

Sometime he just sits and glares at me. He is actually waiting for me to vacate
my computer chair ( that's his favorite spot).

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mother Bessie Manley's Homegoing Service

My "Mama", my friend, prayer partner, Christian Women in Action Sister, and fellow
church member at LABC. An awesome woman of God, prayer warrior and woman of wisdom!

Danielle (Bessie's youngest daughter) and her cousins at repast.

Joney ( Bessie's oldest daughter) hugging Vicki Demus at repast.


My New Boyfriend

My new boyfriend is a great dane named "Leonardis" ( I'm not sure of the spelling).
I met him at the pet store when I stopped to get food for Lefty and Tiny Tim.
It was love at first sight! He is simply beautiful!

Rest In Jesus' Arms !