Queendom Relics by Rea'

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wow...look closely at these tags
The same stamp was used but slightly different color backgrounds, different embellishments and I altered the facial features. Interesting results!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Got my magazine too! I'm a very happy Tim-a-holic !!!

NO I did not sleep in it...Lol
I'm still smiling ... THANK YOU GIRLS !!

In my jammies and my Tim Holtz apron !
Wow! I had the most "trying" week I've had in a long time. I wasn't sure I was going to come out of that "funk". As an intercessor I know that someone is always praying for me (not to mention my own "petitions" ). My fall earlier in the week certainly did not help, it thwarted my plans for the week ... yuck !! My cure for such times is to create something, brouse a Scrapbook store or shuffle papers in my scrap area . If those don't work then I go for the cheetos and/or peanut M&M's!
Well , this time the cheetos and M&M's made me sick ... I hit the bottom!!
Yesterday I decided the pity party was over . I turned on my gospel music listened to "What A Friend" (don't know the artist, it was on CD made for me for a rehearsal) while watching a Tim Holtz video on what he did when he had a "creative block" ...those techniques for the fragments made me want to try them ...BUT I did not... instead I hunted down the new issue of Where Women Create (wanting to see the Tim Holtz write up)... I spent 30 minutes calling around to see who had it and who could take me to get it. My "mission" took me to Michael's in Monrovia I drug around the store looking at new items and hunting for items for a project I was doing for someone else...I walked around until my body and my feet hurt... so now not only are my feelings hurt , BUT my body aches, I'm frustrated because I can't find what I want for this project and I'm mad that I even came out the house ...ever been there? Don't have enough sense to go home so you just keep dragging around, it's like you are trying f to make the stuff that is not there appear on the shelf. Okay, maybe if I walk around that isle for the tenth time it will appear! After being in the store for at least three hours we headed home and I decided I may not get anybody to bring me back out anytime soon so I might as well make ONE more stop ( my feet legs and back are aching now). Another Scrapbook store. I bought pretty papers, bling and ribbon (none of which was needed), talked to some friends met some new ones AND I was Happy again ...imagine that ! I also got a surprise gift from some friends ... A Tim Holtz apron...OKAY NOW I'm VERY HAPPY !! Is there a point to this rambling? YES... sometime in life our circumstances can lead us to some uncomfortable times, BUT if we can remember to "visit" our happy place (s); be it touching basis with old friends, revisiting a craft or hobby that we enjoy or justing take some "ME" time it will bring us back to a sense of "wellbeing"! "ME" time is NEEDED!