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Friday, October 31, 2014

CC3 Challenge # 14

Happy Halloween !  It's CC3 Challenge #14 I'm hangin' in there how about you? Did you see the gorgeous pumpkin our fabulous host Linda Ledbetter made ?  OMG ... you MUST check it out ... go over to her site   http://lindaledbetter.com/2014/10/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-14.html , while you are there check her guidelines and rules for these challenges; they aren't difficult. The challenges are amazing ( I know I say that all the time), but they really are ! Tim's book Compendium of Curiosities III is a must have... it's one of the best reference books in my craft library ( I own all three of his books... they are autographed too) ! You could get one too ... it would be a great Christmas present for yourself ... but you will need to get it early so you can participate in the challenges. Let's see oh ... the fabulous sponsors this challenge are  The Funkie Junkie Boutique
http://www.thefunkiejunkie.com/ ... you should see the product they have there ... OMG ! If you are the lucky winner you get a $25 shopping spree ... oh what I could do with that !
The Curiosity Crew was on their J-O-B once again, they have got some fabulous projects to inspire you , their creativity is over the top awesome; so much inspiration ( if you are stuck for ideas check them out) ! What's also cool is that they have a  Curiosity Crew Choice Award ( how prestigious is that ?!) ; goodies sent from Tim and Mario ( check out that photo of what's in the goodie box... drooling material there for sure) !! To be eligible for that you'll need to visit each one of the Curiosity Crews blogs and show them some love ... so easy to do !!
Oh and speaking of drooling ... Tim and Mario are going to be at the Carson Stamp Show Sunday Nov. 9th ... if you have never met these two gorgeous guys (personality plus!!) here's your chance!!
It's definitely a TREAT!
Now here's the TRICK...  This CC3 Challenge #14 is  Colored Crackle p. 53 in your book ( I told you , you NEED your book) ! I can't give you instructions or details !!
Oh my ...  I can taunt you though  ...  this is so fun so magical... you are gonna love it!
I decided to do two projects ( okay maybe only one ... I lost one before I finished it)... I'm sharing with you a card I made using the technique! You'll have to look close to see it.

Oh I had fun with my card the music sheet is wrapped in cobb webs created from a used dryer sheet; toughed, and distressed with black soot distressing ink and highlighted with an orange mini clothes pin. I used Tim's Industirous Stickers to create a frame around my master piece ( I like how it came out...  ergo Master Piece)! I had the caldron punch... I just thought it would be a perfect whimsical touch with the bling ... a girl gotta have her bling you know ! Look close you can see my technique.

Well I don't wanna get in trouble so I won't tell you any more... except that you gotta try this !
Enjoy... don't forget to go share some love with the crew see you next time or later... I'm gonna go recheck the rules to see if I can share another project Bye for now !

Trick or Treat !

As promised here's a treat for you ! I had some fun making a variety of ATC Cards. It's been a while since I made any and I wanted to use some of my older supplies and have some fun !

First set are done with distressing inks; wild honey, seedless preserves, crushed olive, spiced marmalade and mustard seed; layering stencils ; speckles, burlap ,harlequin ,doily, gothic  , shatter , honeycomb and  schoolhouse stencils , and misc. Halloween stamps from the good ole dollar bin at Michael's ( yes, I got these when they were Still a dollar). Each card was stamped with archival black ink and the edges were distressed with black soot distressing ink.

The  second set of ATC are done on canvas ATC Cards using the same stamps , same stencils and same colors. Isn't it interesting how different they look on different textures ? The colors appear to be muted. This was so fun !

For the third set of ATC's I used some of the same stamps on torn paper backgrounds that I created using  Halloween papers from BoBunny and Doodlebug. I love to use my scraps to make collage backgrounds for my ATC's.

Hope you enjoyed your treat !

12 Tags of 2014 October Tag

Oh my goodness it is October 31st ...  WHERE did October go ?? I did not wait until the last minute to do this tag ... well not quite ... it has been done for a day and a half but I couldn't seem to find post time. So here I am ... five hours eleven minutes to go...

 This tag was something else...the spider was quite a cool technique, then the texture paste with that spookylicious  Halloween stencil ... I'm not sure which I enjoyed the most. Then the pumpkin... okay so I'm not fond of coloring as it is not my gift ... but that's such a cool technique with the glossy accents... it really is  magical...  I like this !

Tim just seems to think of the coolest effects... picket fence on the back of monocle how cool is that?
Now I must admit I got carried away with the distress stain spray ( actually got distracted too many times ... then tried to make up for lost time) my colors didn't quite come out the way I intended ... BUT man those colors are so cool and the  antique bronze speckle effect ... way cool ( oh and my tweezers are speckled ,spritzer bottle is speckled too )  ! You know I always have funny stories with my tags ... I thought I had lost the mini fasteners so I was down on my hands and knees looking for them ( I thought I  dropped two) on a green hunter green throw rug... I looked for ten minutes ... don't ask why I didn't just get some more out ... you KNOW I have extra Tim stash ... I had to find those two ... I got off of my knees sat down in my chair picked up the tweezers and there they were...Thank God for magnetized Tweezer Bee's ... they had blended in with the tweezers so I missed them !
They are so tiny they should be called "dinky" not mini !
Another awesome tag ... I am amazed at my final project ... Happy Halloween see you next time !
New tag goes up tomorrow wonder what Tim's got in store for us ??

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CC3 Challenge # 13

Hi everybody ... Happy Tuesday! Yes... Tuesday... I'm posting 3 days, 5 hours and 33 minutes to go... can you believe it ??
Well ...  I'm glad you've returned to share in my journey. I've been telling EVERYBODY about the Challenges . Lindaledbetter and the Curiosity Crew http://lindaledbetter.com/2014/10/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-13.html have done such an amazing job keeping us "engaged" in this Challenge. At every challenge they just seem to take us to another level. I love that the Curiosity Crew shares their work... it not only inspires us but you get to see a diversity of the use of Tim Holtz product. I like that not only are we going through his book A Compendium of Curiosities III ( you can still get one by the way ) and learning techniques and use of product; we get to see other Designers use the techniques and product as well. That's exciting  to me. It's also exciting that  the Curiosity Crew has a  Curiosity Choice Award; they actually check out our work... I don't know about you but that's pretty exciting to me... to have Designers SEE MY WORK !  If that's not enough should you be that lucky recipient ... you get goodies from Tim and Mario ( they sent goodies to Linda for these challenges ). Then we have sponsors ;  this challenge is sponsored by my friends at http://www.inspirationemporium.com/ ... if you are the winner you get a $50 shopping spree WooHoo ... who doesn't like to shop?

I really think you wanna come join us... so go to the link above check out all the rules and guidelines, order your book , and I'll look for your challenge project okay?!

This week Challenge 13 is  WORN COVER p. 35 It's not a technique challenge so we have a little more liberty in sharing with you. I gotta tell you I bought a cover ( actually two) a year ago thinking I would use it ... I saw one done at CHA and thought I need  to do one of those ... you think it got done? NO !! Okay so I'm very happy about this challenge ... I'm going to get it done. At the Carson Stamp Show I saw that Tim used worn cover to store his tags ( 12 Tags of 2014)... BINGO ... my tags will have a home ! So I've done my first worn cover to house my 2013 Tags. It was so much fun... I'll be sharing quite a few photos.

 Above is the front below is the back.  And the next one is view of embellishments.

I started my worn cover by using old paper and antique linen distressing inks over front and back cover. Oh I forgot to tell you I'm using the Diary Worn Cover.

Look at that color blend is that not cool ?  I used wild honey, mustard seed, crushed olive,
dried marigold distressing inks... I did it in sections using a blending tool then spritzing with water, drying with heat tool until I got the blend I wanted.

On the inside I used my stencils and various colors of distressing inks ( I love the stencils); using  harlequin, doily, burlap and speckles . Then I used various  stamps from the ultimate grunge stamp set in various colors... it's looking yummy now !!

 Then I used  other stamps to add sentiment inside and out ... I had way too much fun. Side note: decide all that you want to do BEFORE you put the rings in... lol ,  I thought I was finished then I got great ideas (didn't want to take it apart)!  Then I added remnant rubs ... I so LOVE remnant rubs they are so easy to use on the worn cover ... goes on so smooth... I'm feeling like a REAL artist now... loving the experience! Check out my bird on the spin ... so cool !

 My tags have a home... I'm pleased! I know this was a long post but I had a NEED to show off what I did ( just a little pleased with myself ... my first worn cover ). I'll be doing #2 for my 2014 Tags very soon ... can't wait to come up with the d├ęcor !!

Okay ... don't forget to go visit the Curiosity Crew's Blogs... show them some love ! Grab a cup of coffee and check out the Curiosity community's work as well... I tell you these people are CREATIVE !  See you later ... it's Tuesday gotta go to rehearsal !

Friday, October 10, 2014

CC3 Challenge #12

Hello my Curiosity Friends ! Tell me ...  are you enjoying these challenges? Being pushed out of your comfort zone ? I know I am !  Linda Ledbetter http://lindaledbetter.com/2014/09/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-12.html and her awesome Curiosity Crew await our arrival every other week for a new challenge.  Tim Holtz has given us an amazing book  A Compendium of Curiosities Volume III to spur us on this amazing Journey and our sponsors this week are The Funkie Junkie Boutique http://www.thefunkiejunkie.com/Default.asp .

It's so amazing to receive instruction and inspiration each week from such an amazing team of Designers such as Linda Ledbetter and Tim Holtz ( and of course the Curiosity Crew) and they have such great incentives ... a chance for a shopping spree with The Funkie Junkie Boutique and a "shot" at a Curiosity Crew Award too ...  goodies from Tim and Mario! And they make it all so easy Linda's got complete guidelines  for participation on her site; Tim's got his book and the crew has their blogs full of inspiration ... can't get any better than this !

This weeks challenge is Distress Photo Tinting p. 41 in your book ( I know you've gotten yours by now)!
I knew as soon as I saw what the challenge was that I had a special photo for this. I was so excited I wet to print the photo the same afternoon the challenge was posted... and had plans in place by that evening. This is one of my most favorite photos ... a photo of my sister when she was a baby. This was taken in 1948.

My "weapons "  for my challenge are  papers Baby Mine papers and embellishments from Carta Bella; Doily  stencil from Tim Holtz; Spun Sugar, Worn Lipstick and Victorian Velvet Distress Markers and Distress Inks,  Evergreen Bough Distress Ink; Tim Holtz Trimmings, Sticko  hand and foot print stickers, mini crochet flowers, pink pearls and mini bling... girl gotta have her bling !


This is the photo before the technique and after the technique . I so love how it came out. My background paper needed something extra so I decided to add random spots of stenciling in evergreen bough ... perfect touch don't  you think? I need that splash of color to help pull my project together.
I'm not sure it was exactly what I wanted but it "worked" ! I guess it's a vintage look with a modern twist ! Oh and the tag , button  and crochet ribbon you see did not get used ( I went a different direction ).


Hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to stop by the Curiosity Crew's Blogs and show them some love...
these girls are amazing. You should also check out the other Curiosity fans' work; the Curiosity Community is so talented.