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Monday, September 30, 2013

Fractured Foot Frenzie

Life in a cast can be so challenging! You take so many things for granted until you can't do them then you realize what a Blessing it is to be independent!! This INDEPENDENT girl hates to depend on other people. I had forgotten how frustrating this could be. Lots of humor too!

I have to remember the cast is heavy , when I sit on the side of the bed to take off the shoe, I forget and almost fall off the edge.  I've got a cute " tuck and roll " to get from the foot of the bed to the head of the bed ( the walker does not fit between the  bed and my dresser ... unless I go side ways); so I stop at the foot and roll to the head of the bed; I get tickled every time I do it!
I call my side ways step the Harvey Corman shuffle!
This is day five of this cast ... I'm already tired of it :) !
All and all I'm behaving pretty well. I travel from my bedroom to the living room and to the bathroom. I've gone to the kitchen a couple of times only to discover I can't do much there. My record time for the bathroom trip is two minutes!! I quickly learned I needed to allow "travel time" and I call for "runway clearance" !! Tiny Tim and Lefty won't come to me they run when they see the walker coming.  Fortunately I'm not in pain. I hit my toes a couple of times while trying to maneuver at the computer and my work table; that left me in tears ! Well that's it for now I do a couple of hours up then go put my feet up !!! I just remind myself this will be over soon :) !

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