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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Popcorn Box Birthday Card

Every now and then I'll dream something and it comes to fruition. I needed a birthday card for a sweet three year old, I wanted something quick but unique. While standing in the dollar ( actually 1.50 now ) bin aisle I came up with this idea went home slept on it and went back to make my purchase.

I used three popcorn boxes for the background, used animal stickers, and little mini cards, and I cut the numbers from red card stock. I held them together with one ring and I added colorful ribbons to the ring. Oh... the stars are cupcake picks that I added number stickers to. Now you know anything that cute needs it's own envelope right?

I decorated a white envelope with an invitation ( from the matching party goods in the bin), put his name on it with black stickers, added the animal stickers and the number three, with three of hearts card. So much fun to watch this dream come to fruition. The preschool teacher in me created this card so he could "Count" three in various ways as he read his card. It was cute to watch him count the animals... I forgot to take pictures at the party. Oh well ! Another thing I liked about this creation it could stand up by itself !

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