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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Brushing Up With Sista "Diva" Girlfriend

Oh my goodness paintbrush art was not in my vocabulary.! Over at Eclectic Paperie's Blog they had a paintbrush challenge and you guessed it... I decided to play along ( okay ... I have to stop laughing long enough to get through this post) . I love Eclectic Paperie's Challenges but rarely do I play along... they are always so unique ( don't tell them I have a stack of unfinished challenge attempts where I did not make the deadlines) ... but do go visit them  http://eclecticpaperie.blogspot.com/2013/08/eteam-picks-challenge-mixed-media.html .
Anyway... let me show you what I did. I had an old paint brush with a red handle, I had no idea
 what I was going to do, then I remember an old stamp I had, I got so tickled thinking of the possibilities but nothing was coming so I went to bed. Oh my goodness when I closed my eyes, the ideas started coming... Sista Girlfriend was born.  I used my Loralie Sister Stamp ( had to dust her off), my first thought was to use the bristles as her hair and to braid it... oh so difficult... anyway I got one braid, wrapped it and used the heat gun to "seal" it .. hahaha ...duh...melted the bristles !!!

 Sista "Diva" Girlfriend arrived ...the part I had sectioned off for bangs had drawn up, so they became sassy bangs... I'm laughing real hard now... she's sassy with "tude" ( attitude) !!! Okay now she needs some bling and the shoes need to be spectators ... and she's gotta have the big "First Lady" corsage and then she's gotta have a flower in her hair... you go "gurl" !!

I'm feeling really silly at this point... BUT having way too much fun... I was going to leave the red handle ... you know, the  red and purple thing was great, but then decided to use my symphony tissue tape ( Tim Holtz) to wrap around the red handle and then I used my  seedless preserves and dusty concord distressing inks to colorize the tape (repeating the colors I used for her outfit).
Final touches I added  a Tim Holtz swivel clasp and attached foliage leaf , a high heel charm and a small piece of purple netting ... OMG too fun! Hope you enjoyed it! What am I going to do with her ?
She's going in the Queendom  of course !!


  1. Laughing along with you Rea as I read your post . . . Sista Diva has attitude and I adore her from the top of her bristles { using a heat tool on them is sooo much fun but boy does it smell, hahaha}
    to the very tip of her pointy shoes!!
    Your post has been a joy to read tonight as I have chuckled along at your joy in altering that brush..woohooo!!
    So glad you joined in over at eclectic Paperie and finished it too..loooove it Rea!
    Big hugs

  2. Thank you Tracy for stopping by. So glad you enjoyed the post and my Sista "Diva" Girlfriend!