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Monday, September 30, 2013

12 Tags of 2013 September Tag

September Tag

Hi everybody! It's that time again... OMG this September Tag is amazing. You have got to check out Tim's Tag over at his site http://timholtz.com/12-tags-of-2013-september/; it's amazing I tell you! You know I can't do a tag without some drama ( or at least that's what it seems like); August 26th I fractured my left foot. It's been wrapped with ace bandage and I have that cute surgical shoe; and when out on it I wear my famous Frankenstein Boot. Last week I returned to doctor for four week check-up to find it's not healing as expected by this date, bone moved... sooo they send me to foot doctor (lucky me ... my foot doctor, because the foot doctor in their medical group was unavailable until October). I now have a bright blue cast !! What does that have to do with my tag you ask? Well, I almost had everything out before my doctor appointment ... a few things missing,  so I . had to send hubby to Queendom to look for what I needed... OMG ... comical but not comical ; he's fussing telling me I'm not supposed to be out there I'm trying to tell him where my things are. Needless to say a husband in your craft room, fussing at you while you teeter on a walker ( trying not to put any weight on the injured foot) is VERY frustrating !!! So I abandoned the idea of getting this tag done for that day and went back to bed.  The next morning I call myself sneaking out to the Queendom... only to discover my walker and I would not fit through the area I needed to get to... BUSTED !!!
ANYWAY ... I got past that hurdle only to find that maneuvering between the computer and the work area was miserable; because this cast just wouldn't fit right... causing my foot to swell because of the angle I had it at... which shortened my work time... OMG!!! Being the Tim-A-Holic that I am I was not giving up ... This tag was going to get done... so here it is!
This month we are using the fabulous new layering stencils (7 of them)... oh the techniques are fun... like magic before your eyes . I got carried away with the first layer, the embossing paste was so fun! I wasn't totally pleased with my tag ... I had problems reaching things I needed ( it tired me and frustrated me)...I put stuff close but if it was too close it cluttered my work space. I did get the hang of  the layers ... and I did get to see the effects... so cool! Well another tag done, I made the deadline :) ! See you next month... going to go put my foot up and do bills. Don't forget to go check out Tim's Tag ... OKAY ?

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