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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

12 Tags of 2015 October Tag

Hi everybody ! WOW ... with the weather still being in the mid eighties and low nineties this past week, it is hard to believe it is fall. And Halloween is this weekend too !!

 Aaah ... my October tag... it's been done for a few days, but with technical issues with the new windows 10 and AT&T  dropping my various services  on my antiquated cell phone... posting has become a major issue. A couple of years ago the service that allowed me to post directly to my blog from my cell phone  was dropped . I found an alternate service that worked for a little over nine months and it was discontinued which forced me into bluetoothing to my laptop and transferring to my desktop ( yeah I know ... old school ) ... but it worked. Well thanks to windows 10 and AT&T yet again... my Bluetooth does not work. Dear Santa ... I've been a very good girl, very patient with my technical husband... but I NEED to be able to blog from my cell phone or at least transfer my photos WITHOUT my husband, can you PLEASE SEND ME A NEW PHONE!!

Okay... on the serious side. I've been holding off on a new phone as I could not justify spending the money ( I'm sole supporter of household now and I've retired) on the phone I want. Up until now my Motorola Karma has served me well. Companies sure know how to "force" us into the new products!!

On to the October tag... gotta tell you when I saw the monster, zombie and vampire thinlit , I thought they were cool but not something I would make. I held my breath and kept hoping Tim would not use them for a tag... NO he did !!! Okay I got my zombie... To my surprise they are not as tedious as it looks. Love the choice of colors ... so much personality. Tim really does make it easy ( so glad he did the video ) ... I won't tell you how many times I watched it . I like how Tim laid  out the thinlits for the various parts... he took the guessing out of the equation... Thanks Tim !!

The background paper Tim chose  from Regions Beyond was so perfect... my zombie looked like he got a hold of some poison.  I did not have the paper for the tooth so I used platinum stickles ... worked so well :) Oh and the splatter stencil ...  perfect touch ... way cool.

My zombie was good to go (already planning another one)hehehe! Hope you join in and make this tag it was fun.

Happy Halloween, Have fun Be Safe! See you next time.

Only  two more tags for 2015 ! And two more new Distress Colors for 2015. Any guess for November color ??