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Monday, February 25, 2013

Tattered Floral Challenge

Tattered Floral Challenge

The flower challenge was to create flowers using Tim's Tattered Florals  Die. We could use any medium we wanted to create our flowers, and could use the flowers wherever we desired. On Tim's site
http://timholtz.com/tattered-floral-challenge/ you can see details of the challenge and check out the flowers he made, as well as the projects from other Tim fans. Stop over and check it out!

Did someone say flowers?   Okay, I stopped laughing long enough to get to work on my flowers ( if you missed it you must read Saturday's post ). My little experiment turned out  to be interesting . If you look at # 1, 2 , 5 and 6 ( counting from left to right) you will recognize my "famous" pieces!
I made my flowers using some recycled elements; napkins, dictionary pages, Styrofoam, dryer sheets, turkey carrier, plastic packaging, Starbucks coffee cup sleeves and misc. scraps of canvas and burlap. I had so much fun experimenting; I accidentally melted the Styrofoam but it made a unique design (#1). I also over heated the plastic, but I love how it curved the edges of the flowers ( # 2.3, and 6).
I used my dylusions inks on the Styrofoam and cardboard flower parts ( 1,5 and 6); distressing inks on the plastic, and floral parts(2 and 3). On the napkins and on some of the plastic floral parts of (4-6)  I used perfect pearls mist , on the canvas I used distress markers ( I actually outlined the edges and spritzed the edges with water, drying it immediately... so cool to watch the ink react with the water), and distressing ink on the cardstock and dictionary paper. The centers of my flowers were the Idea-ology Custom Fasteners. I plan to use my flowers as pins ... I did not have the tie tacs on hand but I'll pick some up on payday! ( I may also try the pin bars). Hope you enjoyed my flowers... now you go make some :) !  Oh and I plan to add Tattered leaves to them also... I couldn't wait to show them off. Oh my goodness it's 1:00 A.M., I was going to bed early tonight... LOL !!


  1. Not a bad idea at all...that netting is wonderful, and looks great tucked into your layers here! Gorgeous flowers! Layers of wonderful items!!! Way to go!

  2. Thank you Anita, I did have fun !