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Saturday, February 16, 2013


Happy 12th Birthday Anthony !
Twelve years ago today I became a grandmother for the 1st time. I STILL remember the events of the day before and on that day ( I spent the night sitting up in a hard chair with shingles) waiting  for you to come. I'm not sure whose pain was worse mine or your mothers. You seemed like you were in a hurry to get here; when we went to the doctor he sent us to the hospital, by time we got there You decided you weren't ready after all ( you settled in)... I had plans to get you here and go home and get in my bed... no such luck !!  When you finally arrived I went out to the waiting room to let the family members know you were here... they wanted to know what you looked like ,I laughed and said a "peanut". So you became Grammi's "Peanut" ! Happy Birthday! I'm proud to be your grandmother ( even though it took a full year for it to sink in that I was a grandmother). I see your mother and your father in you; and your own unique little character... you're a pretty cool kid; love your smile! You're pretty smart too, I wish you nothing but success in the coming years! Take your time growing up, continue to be the BEST YOU , you can be... you are destined for greatness! Love you much  Grammi !

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