Queendom Relics by Rea'

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Inner Panel

Confession... I was at a loss for this panel... it took the longest time... can you believe it?
Sooo I repeated the stripe ( from the pocket section) added forget me not... I had to laugh
'cause I forgot that panel in the planning!  There you have it ... Happy Valentine's Day !
Oh... side note ... I so apologize for a long post. There was a 'change' in my computer set up and programing between my cell phone and my lap top (y'all KNOW how I HATE changes when I'm in the middle of projects) I DID NOT WANT TO DO A TUTORIAL with my husband in the middle of my project. I really have to get my husband and these computer company's on the same page... they ALWAYS manage to have a major change when I need my computer to work in the manner  in which I'm accustomed in a timely manner. I guess I'll have to add a tutorial to my to do list, this weekend! Thanks for being patient with me ... see you soon!

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