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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blogger Problems

Yesterday I was having major ( or at least major for me) problems. I came in from a funeral to upload some photos to my blog, while handling phone calls ( my aunt had a stroke) so everybody was calling to give updates etc., I'm usually a source of information for family on this end of town but since I was at a funeral I did not get information... okay long story short I tried to send some photos as I normally do to my blog and IT'S NOT WORKING ... OH NO ... the phone says they are sent nothing on the blog ... this is not the day.... so we are testing ( we being me and my husband... humm)...

Well , now a day later still no post!! About an hour ago I started getting messages on my phone about delivery status... OMG ... delivery delayed... no "duff" !!! It actually said you do not need to resend your messages ... I got  FOUR messages!!!  I am not a happy camper... anyway this test photo was to check to see if photos in my computer can be posted. Plan #2 ( I got uploads to do for a couple of challenges ... deadline approaching ). I will try to bluetooth... see you soon ...maybe !?

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