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Sunday, July 29, 2012

12 Tags of 2012 July Tag

Tag drama episode # 3 , okay I finally picked my lip up off  the floor,  marched to the Queendom and gathered supplies. I thought maybe I might skip this one because I did not have all I WANTED to have for it ( not gonna happen... skipping that is). I had the tags, alcohol inks, twine, token ...BUT NO STAMP... humm... what to use what to use ( mind you this was back on or about July 6th); around about the 17th  I started my tag... I decided to use my eagle stamp.  NO Compressed Air !!! Okay hubby had some or at least he said he had maybe three squirts... it was actually 2 and a half...Tim told us to laugh out loud... I'm not laughing yet... first two puffs went fine, the metallic, not so good, I couldn't see the solution, got too much, my metallic went all over, covered my almost perfect red and blue...NOW no more air, so I got my lens cleaner bulb ( okay you can laugh here... I DID), I thought it might work...WRONG... okay how many of you know that when you are totally frustrated the brain DOES NOT WORK? I called each one of my siblings begging for air... my brother who was probably the last one I called said "get a straw, you huffin' and puffin' that otta' work" . Long story short Huff and Puff Queen to the rescue!

Did not like my  results so I put the tag down walked away, so today at 2 days,9 hours and 43minutes I picked it back up ... laughed at what I had put myself through and finished my tag!

I did not have the small #4 so using my vintage market die I cut a 4 from a scrap of foil tape, in my haste I forgot all that I learned about the use of this tape; sooooooo the impressions from my cutting board came out on my 4... at first I panicked then second glance... pretty cool ...

Tim says we should embrace our imperfections... the more I look at it the better I like it. This was a fun technique ... I WILL be trying this one again when I get compressed air. If you have not tried this... it is a must, it really is fun!

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