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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CC3 Challenge # 13

Hi everybody ... Happy Tuesday! Yes... Tuesday... I'm posting 3 days, 5 hours and 33 minutes to go... can you believe it ??
Well ...  I'm glad you've returned to share in my journey. I've been telling EVERYBODY about the Challenges . Lindaledbetter and the Curiosity Crew http://lindaledbetter.com/2014/10/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-13.html have done such an amazing job keeping us "engaged" in this Challenge. At every challenge they just seem to take us to another level. I love that the Curiosity Crew shares their work... it not only inspires us but you get to see a diversity of the use of Tim Holtz product. I like that not only are we going through his book A Compendium of Curiosities III ( you can still get one by the way ) and learning techniques and use of product; we get to see other Designers use the techniques and product as well. That's exciting  to me. It's also exciting that  the Curiosity Crew has a  Curiosity Choice Award; they actually check out our work... I don't know about you but that's pretty exciting to me... to have Designers SEE MY WORK !  If that's not enough should you be that lucky recipient ... you get goodies from Tim and Mario ( they sent goodies to Linda for these challenges ). Then we have sponsors ;  this challenge is sponsored by my friends at http://www.inspirationemporium.com/ ... if you are the winner you get a $50 shopping spree WooHoo ... who doesn't like to shop?

I really think you wanna come join us... so go to the link above check out all the rules and guidelines, order your book , and I'll look for your challenge project okay?!

This week Challenge 13 is  WORN COVER p. 35 It's not a technique challenge so we have a little more liberty in sharing with you. I gotta tell you I bought a cover ( actually two) a year ago thinking I would use it ... I saw one done at CHA and thought I need  to do one of those ... you think it got done? NO !! Okay so I'm very happy about this challenge ... I'm going to get it done. At the Carson Stamp Show I saw that Tim used worn cover to store his tags ( 12 Tags of 2014)... BINGO ... my tags will have a home ! So I've done my first worn cover to house my 2013 Tags. It was so much fun... I'll be sharing quite a few photos.

 Above is the front below is the back.  And the next one is view of embellishments.

I started my worn cover by using old paper and antique linen distressing inks over front and back cover. Oh I forgot to tell you I'm using the Diary Worn Cover.

Look at that color blend is that not cool ?  I used wild honey, mustard seed, crushed olive,
dried marigold distressing inks... I did it in sections using a blending tool then spritzing with water, drying with heat tool until I got the blend I wanted.

On the inside I used my stencils and various colors of distressing inks ( I love the stencils); using  harlequin, doily, burlap and speckles . Then I used various  stamps from the ultimate grunge stamp set in various colors... it's looking yummy now !!

 Then I used  other stamps to add sentiment inside and out ... I had way too much fun. Side note: decide all that you want to do BEFORE you put the rings in... lol ,  I thought I was finished then I got great ideas (didn't want to take it apart)!  Then I added remnant rubs ... I so LOVE remnant rubs they are so easy to use on the worn cover ... goes on so smooth... I'm feeling like a REAL artist now... loving the experience! Check out my bird on the spin ... so cool !

 My tags have a home... I'm pleased! I know this was a long post but I had a NEED to show off what I did ( just a little pleased with myself ... my first worn cover ). I'll be doing #2 for my 2014 Tags very soon ... can't wait to come up with the d├ęcor !!

Okay ... don't forget to go visit the Curiosity Crew's Blogs... show them some love ! Grab a cup of coffee and check out the Curiosity community's work as well... I tell you these people are CREATIVE !  See you later ... it's Tuesday gotta go to rehearsal !

Friday, October 10, 2014

CC3 Challenge #12

Hello my Curiosity Friends ! Tell me ...  are you enjoying these challenges? Being pushed out of your comfort zone ? I know I am !  Linda Ledbetter http://lindaledbetter.com/2014/09/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-12.html and her awesome Curiosity Crew await our arrival every other week for a new challenge.  Tim Holtz has given us an amazing book  A Compendium of Curiosities Volume III to spur us on this amazing Journey and our sponsors this week are The Funkie Junkie Boutique http://www.thefunkiejunkie.com/Default.asp .

It's so amazing to receive instruction and inspiration each week from such an amazing team of Designers such as Linda Ledbetter and Tim Holtz ( and of course the Curiosity Crew) and they have such great incentives ... a chance for a shopping spree with The Funkie Junkie Boutique and a "shot" at a Curiosity Crew Award too ...  goodies from Tim and Mario! And they make it all so easy Linda's got complete guidelines  for participation on her site; Tim's got his book and the crew has their blogs full of inspiration ... can't get any better than this !

This weeks challenge is Distress Photo Tinting p. 41 in your book ( I know you've gotten yours by now)!
I knew as soon as I saw what the challenge was that I had a special photo for this. I was so excited I wet to print the photo the same afternoon the challenge was posted... and had plans in place by that evening. This is one of my most favorite photos ... a photo of my sister when she was a baby. This was taken in 1948.

My "weapons "  for my challenge are  papers Baby Mine papers and embellishments from Carta Bella; Doily  stencil from Tim Holtz; Spun Sugar, Worn Lipstick and Victorian Velvet Distress Markers and Distress Inks,  Evergreen Bough Distress Ink; Tim Holtz Trimmings, Sticko  hand and foot print stickers, mini crochet flowers, pink pearls and mini bling... girl gotta have her bling !


This is the photo before the technique and after the technique . I so love how it came out. My background paper needed something extra so I decided to add random spots of stenciling in evergreen bough ... perfect touch don't  you think? I need that splash of color to help pull my project together.
I'm not sure it was exactly what I wanted but it "worked" ! I guess it's a vintage look with a modern twist ! Oh and the tag , button  and crochet ribbon you see did not get used ( I went a different direction ).


Hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to stop by the Curiosity Crew's Blogs and show them some love...
these girls are amazing. You should also check out the other Curiosity fans' work; the Curiosity Community is so talented.

Friday, September 26, 2014

12 Tags of 2014 September Tag

Hi everybody... it's that time again! It has finally cooled off a bit here so I've been able to get something done. It was only about  89 degrees  I think today.
Well ... Tim has done it again ... all I could  say when I first saw this one  was WOW! Now having finished it I'm saying WHEW !

I don't know where to start... the techniques were amazing and I did a whole lot of embracing the process. Tim suggested that  when doing a new technique we  remember it may not be perfect the first time ... hahaha , not second time either. I seem to be in a season of mishaps ( I'd like to think it was the hot weather ) nobody can have that many mishaps ; can they ??
First my mixatives would not mix ... they may have been too old.  Then the tip on my lake mist ink cracked and fell off; and ink went all over my mat ( I had all the things laid out because you have to work quickly with the alcohol inks) luckily I was able to swiftly move things out of the way and still save some lake mist for my project GRRR ... needless to say my first attempt wasn't the best ... so I tried again hahaha ... I should have cleaned up and gone to bed ! Mr. Holtz ... I'm embracing the process!
Adding new mixatives , and  new lake mist alcohol ink and an eye dropper ( to suck up excess ink from future mishaps ) to my next order :)

On a happier note the rest of the tag went well. Those butterflies are a "doosey " to get positioned the way you like ... I'm seriously out of my comfort zone. They were very easy to make; I love that butterfly strip and the technique for colorizing and stamping them was very cool. At this point  I'm loving my tag ... it's finished and I'm not bald headed hahaha ! On the serious side I'm pleased with myself that I stuck with it ... because I seriously considered giving up on this one. It looks amazing!
I like the background color and my "special " markings  ( my stencil work) actually look pretty good.
My favorite part was using the remnant rubs ... I love those and they add such an awesome touch!
Well that's it for now I'm off to finish my CC3 Challenge #11 ... see you soon !
Oh Happy Autumn !

CC3 Challenge # 11

Hey everybody ... Happy Friday! Boy am I sliding in here tonight just under that deadline!!
I will not be defeated... it's been a very hectic week.
My friend Linda Ledbetter over at http://lindaledbetter.com/2014/09/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-11.html has worked so very hard to bring us this challenge I'm determined to hang in there. We are going through Tim Holtz's A Compendium  of Curiosities Volume III ( you have got to get this book) if you visit Linda's site she gives you all the details for joining us in the challenges. Our sponsors this week are my friends at http://www.inspirationemporium.com/ ( I love that Joy and her family); if you have never check them out ; even if you don't participate in the challenges go visit them online; you will not be disappointed they got all your Tim Holtz stash you could want... other stuff too! Trust me you'd love to win that $ 50 dollar gift certificate. The Curiosity Crew has once again "jump started " us with their awesome projects... so be sure to check them out and show them some love.
You know the drill ,  I'm not giving  you any instructions EXCEPT to tell you open your book!!
This weeks Challenge is Effect Powders found on page 52...

You ready?? Okay I've got to admit that because of my hectic week I was feeling pretty silly this week ( when I'm stressed I sometime get silly) ... my project was born out of silliness. Have you seen Tim's Found Relatives ... oh my goodness they are too much fun! I think he "lost " one I found  Esquire Luscious Thergoode III ( hahaha ... no they don't have names... I named him)... I had way too much fun with this. Since it's nearing Halloween month I thought this theme would be fun.

 One of my loves is to use "re purpose" items around the house , so my background is corregated cardboard from a package I received; I actually torn it up to expose the corregated area. I used this weeks challenge techniques on various parts of the background and on the owl, crow and skeleton head. After seeing the results I decided to experiment and I also used the technique on my embellishments ( the brads and the key). Pretty cool technique. I also used my Gothic layering stencil... so fun.

Well I think I've pretty much covered it for this time. I'm hoping you enjoyed my project ... just fun decoration piece for Halloween, can't wait to add it to my collection of decorations for Halloween. Oh and I'll probably use the other pieces you saw in the photo for another challenge. I'm on jury duty so I don't know if I'll get my other projects finished. Hope to be back soon with more goodies the weekend. Oh and I don't plan to push this deadline for #12 ( crossing my fingers) !
I apologize ahead of time for any errors I failed to catch... I'll do better I promise :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

CC3 Challenge #10

Happy Friday Everybody ! Did your week go as fast as mine? It seemed like I turned around and Friday was here.
I'm happy to say I'm hangin' tough with the CC3 Challenges! We are at #10 can you believe it? Have you been checking out Linda Ledbetter's Blog http://lindaledbetter.com/2014/08/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-10.html to see all the wonderful work she has done in preparing us for the CC3 Challenges? If not please go check it out ... it is amazing; you'll find all the important details for joining us as we go through Tim Holtz's A Compendium of Curiosities Volume III. If you don't have Tim's book  ... she's even got a link to his sight so you can order an autographed copy of his book. Now if you have never participated in these challenges you are in for a treat. Linda has a Curiosity Crew that has shared their take on the challenge. I've been saying they "jump-start " us because their projects have been so inspirational. Truth be told they " WOW" us . Even if you don't play along you'll enjoy checking them out. For Challenge #10 The Funkie Junkie Boutique  http://www.thefunkiejunkie.com/  is our sponsor; should you be the lucky winner you'll receive a fabulous $25 shopping spree at their boutique... how cool is that ! No pressure the winner is randomly chosen!! And to make it even more interesting the Curiosity Crew has a "Curiosity Crew's Choice Award" ... a fabulous assortment of Tim Holtz products ... Tim and Mario sent them to Linda for the CC#3 Challenges... How cool is that ??!! Now to qualify for this prize you must visit all of the Curiosity Crew's Blogs and show them some love  alright ?!
CC#3 Challenge #10 Assemblage Clock is  found on page33 ... you know the drill ( if not ... I cannot give you any instructions ( neither can anybody else) you MUST purchase your own book ... so get your book follow along...
I have a funny story ... what you are about to see is not the clock I had planned ... same color but different design... WHAT ?? I painted my clock worked on all the components and all sorts of mishaps occurred... I was so frustrated I went with Plan B and to add insult to injury when I misted my clock I went to move it and the box I misted it in fell apart and the clock hit the floor ... you guessed it... the glass cracked !  It took me a few hours to recover but I'm fine now :)

I painted my clock with broken china crackle paint ( going for the vintage look) and I highlighted it with antique gold perfect pearls mist. For my inside I used Wallflower Paper Stash ( Tim Holtz) and
Butterfly Garden (Pink Paislee). I colorized my crinkle ribbon with broken china, tumble glass and weathered wood distress inks

I embellished my clock with baubles and pearls ( Tim Holtz) and butterfly pin (Pink Paislee); added lace from my Queendom stash.

Hope you enjoyed a view of my clock.  I do hope you visit the Crew also check out the CC3 Challenge Community there are some amazing clocks out there !
Come back and see me again !

Friday, August 29, 2014

e-Play Embossing Challenge "Shark Bait's " Catch

Hi my friends over at Eclectic Paperie  http://eclecticpaperie.blogspot.ca/2014/08/august-eplay-challenge-embossing.html were doing an embossing challenge for the month of August... how could I not participate?
 " Shark Bait's " Catch

I saw this post and thought ( early on I would do it... I enjoy the challenges... then I decided not) I would participate with some great project... well I was so far behind in my other challenges I thought it won't happen... then a light bulb went on... dah embossing !

I made this cute little card in a hurry ... was to go to a birthday party for a cute 4 year old and I forgot to make his card ... OH NO ! I had bought the supplies and everything... bummer !!
Okay so two hours before I was to leave I had to figure out something quick to do ( my original plan was going to take too long to do). I remembered how easy Tim Holtz  Bubble Embossing Folder was ...Yay ! New plan ...

Thank goodness my circuit stays on the ready ! My great nephew's nick name is "Shark Bait " ! Humm... no sharks but I do have some  whimsical  sea creatures ... bright red, blue colors, orange, green ) ( Sticko ) .  He just turned four so cool... bright red numbers, blue tags ; which I stamped with the  Tim Holtz bubble layering stencil looking good ... umm need some bright color eyelets to repeat the bright colors of the fish, starfish and whale ... yay for my stash of bright eyelets ... I added eyelets to the tags, used my Tim Holtz  simple sayings stamps to stamp sayings in Blue of course ! That took care of the inside ... now the front ...

It's amazing how I worked backwards ( inside first then out side) ... LOL !  I created a larger blue tag and a larger 4; cut out a blue seahorse from Tim's Sand and Sea die, used plastic and embossed it with the bubble embossing folder ... little bubble stenciling added stickers... covered them with the bubbles ... viola... a 4 year old Birthday Card ... quickest card I've ever made !

The card was a hit ... everybody couldn't believe I made it. And my nephew loved it ... he walked around waving it as if it were a fish riding the waves... what joy to see the expression on his face !

Everything Goes

Everything Goes is the August Challenge for Inspiration Emporium http://blog.inspirationemporium.com/ . All month the Designers have shared some amazing inspiration!
I decided to give it a go...  I've created a card... Many of my friends are cancer survivors and periodically I like to send cards of encouragement.

I fell in love with Tim Holtz Wallpaper Stash ... so I used a paper from there as my background. It had soft colors that  " spoke " to me.  I wanted it to be unique; so I went with a folded stitched pocket  with an insert . It's such a fun design.
I've seen this design in the past and just fell in love with it. I don't recall the exact measurements for the card I had seen but my card measures approximately  5x6 ; with a  41/4 x 5 3/4 insert.
I folded the card and stitched it with ivory thread ( creating the pocket), folded back approximately
1 1/2 inch ( the measurements were not exact). I inked all the edges with vintage photo distress ink.

 Using my doily layering stencil  and pumice stone distress ink I created a doily on the folded flap; I then used the heart stencil and worn lipstick distress ink to add hearts. For the insert I used  a scrap from the same paper and stitched a piece of pink vellum over it. On the vellum I repeated a similar doily pattern with hearts.

 I used a cloth flower ( it was taupe/beige) I used worn lipstick distress ink on the petals sand spritzed them with water and used my water brush for more defined shading in areas. Then I used antique linen distress glitter to cover a button in the center... ok ,  that was fun I got carried away with the heat tool and it bubbled ... not to worry I carefully used my fingers to smooth the glitter around the button.

In my stash I found a paper bird ( I think it was from Michael's ) I lightly inked the edges with vintage photo; went around the birds belly lightly with worn lipstick distress ink... oh so cute!
I used  the Hope adage ticket inked the edges lightly with a combination of vintage photo and worn lipstick distress ink. I played around with the linen ribbon I loved the texture and the color... but it didn't quite work for me ... not "soft" enough for the rest of the card; so I used a taupe sheer ribbon !
I was pleased with the outcome ... simple but uniquely pretty !