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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

12 Tags of 2015 October Tag

Hi everybody ! WOW ... with the weather still being in the mid eighties and low nineties this past week, it is hard to believe it is fall. And Halloween is this weekend too !!

 Aaah ... my October tag... it's been done for a few days, but with technical issues with the new windows 10 and AT&T  dropping my various services  on my antiquated cell phone... posting has become a major issue. A couple of years ago the service that allowed me to post directly to my blog from my cell phone  was dropped . I found an alternate service that worked for a little over nine months and it was discontinued which forced me into bluetoothing to my laptop and transferring to my desktop ( yeah I know ... old school ) ... but it worked. Well thanks to windows 10 and AT&T yet again... my Bluetooth does not work. Dear Santa ... I've been a very good girl, very patient with my technical husband... but I NEED to be able to blog from my cell phone or at least transfer my photos WITHOUT my husband, can you PLEASE SEND ME A NEW PHONE!!

Okay... on the serious side. I've been holding off on a new phone as I could not justify spending the money ( I'm sole supporter of household now and I've retired) on the phone I want. Up until now my Motorola Karma has served me well. Companies sure know how to "force" us into the new products!!

On to the October tag... gotta tell you when I saw the monster, zombie and vampire thinlit , I thought they were cool but not something I would make. I held my breath and kept hoping Tim would not use them for a tag... NO he did !!! Okay I got my zombie... To my surprise they are not as tedious as it looks. Love the choice of colors ... so much personality. Tim really does make it easy ( so glad he did the video ) ... I won't tell you how many times I watched it . I like how Tim laid  out the thinlits for the various parts... he took the guessing out of the equation... Thanks Tim !!

The background paper Tim chose  from Regions Beyond was so perfect... my zombie looked like he got a hold of some poison.  I did not have the paper for the tooth so I used platinum stickles ... worked so well :) Oh and the splatter stencil ...  perfect touch ... way cool.

My zombie was good to go (already planning another one)hehehe! Hope you join in and make this tag it was fun.

Happy Halloween, Have fun Be Safe! See you next time.

Only  two more tags for 2015 ! And two more new Distress Colors for 2015. Any guess for November color ??

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

12 Tags of 2015 September Tag

It's Fall ... it's the last day of September ... it's 90 degrees here ... oh my goodness !

Well here I am sliding in AGAIN ! As you know if you've been following my post, my life has been turned upside down a bit. With my brother's illness (battle with cancer );  we've seen some new "normals " in the past couple of weeks.  Just a quick update ... he is doing better, we've been walking twice a day on some days. I'm getting good at the massages ( I massage his legs and feet to help with some of the discomfort. He's finally eating a little more.  He completed the aggressive radiation a week ( or two ago ) and started  a new Chemo treatment today. We are Thanking and Praising God for every day and continuing to make special memories as we travel this Journey. Thank you all for your prayers and concern.

I'm doing my best to stay active with my crafts, but the wind has been knocked out of my sails with these new normals and this extreme heat. I am however staying inspired... Have you been checking out the Halloween Inspiration on Tim's Blog ??? OMG ... AWESOME !!!  I've got lots of notes and product to get started ... that Halloween release is to die for :)  !!

  I am determined to stay on top with my tags... so here we go ...

Tim keeps blowing me away with these techniques... don't you just love the transparent gloss texture paste??  OMG ... just glides over the stencil ... I'm in love !! Gotta say that was my favorite part with this tag.

The alcohol inks were fun , once I got my mojo going... had to do some embracing of imperfection here ( I'm chalking it up to the stress of the last couple of days), I do love my colors. It's amazing to think that this

turns into this

Seriously found myself just gloating over the flourishes ... like magic ( in my mind I'm going ... WOW I DID THIS ! )  ... so very cool.

Okay and my least favorite part ... the wire ... Tim makes it look soooooooo easy ... NOT easy for me... seriously simple wrap of wire right?? Hahaha I should have done a video... I probably could have been on world's funniest videos. I do love the look.

And this close up ... YAY ... I  "worked" the spritzer well today ( I did get a new marker too ) !

It was so much fun I had to do another one for a friend.

Beautiful tag Tim; Thank you for another fun technique !

Monday, September 14, 2015

Robin & Shelby's Wedding July 17, 2015

What an amazing Wedding and to see everything come together was such an awesome feeling. It was more beautiful than I could have imagined. It was definitely the most detailed of all weddings that I had coordinated in the past. The Vintage theme was OVER THE TOP !!
The seventeen tables ; each a different theme; each with a story all it's own. Each table was either inspired by; designed by or decorated in memory of someone very special in Robin's Life.
The fun of collecting items and pulling it all together was an amazing adventure in itself; we took many walks down memory lane; and through several thrift shops; specialty shops too, just to find the right items to compliment our d├ęcor. Through laughter and tears it all came together.

 During the reception guest mingled with each other and also went around to the other tables to get the story behind each table. The families of the person/persons who inspired  and/or decorated the table  sat at these tables and shared the story about their relative.

We also had a Memorial table where photos were displayed of deceased grandparents and other key people in the bride and grooms life (some photos did not get to us and photos were left in the display that came with the display frame ... made for an interesting conversation piece. There were also special tags and memorabilia that represented each one of these people ( don't think we got photos of final set-up... it was awesome) .

Unfortunately we did not get close-up photos of all the banners I made... but they all came out so nice. I hope to get photos of them when I go back to put things away. Or maybe ... when my camera shows up, there are some on my camera.
It took a moving van to transport all the items for on display so boxing them back up at the end ... other people transported items. In lieu of favors several of the decoration items were gifted to specific guest ( you would not believe the time spent in tagging these special  items ... prior to the wedding ); and the assignment of attendants to deliver the items to the guest), it was all so beautifully planned !!

Here is a link www.inlandimpressions.com/robin  for photos from the wedding. The photographer; Bret Christenson ,  did a fantastic job capturing all the different phases of setting up ! Good thing ... with all that was going on I did not get many photos.  Special Thank you to Bret for letting me use the link for my blog ... you're the BEST !!

Now you know every wedding has it's own stories ... the wedding was a hour late ( the bride's parents , sister and one of the attendants were all late); there was a fire on the freeway and traffic was backed up. Made for some anxious moments !  There were also many funny moments ( little things that went wrong that nobody really knew about ... but we laughed about for hours after the wedding).

The bride was gorgeous... she designed the dress and it all started with those gorgeous boots ( almost a year before the wedding... that's another story in itself.

The Ceremony ... OMG I wished we had video taped it ... it was so amazing. There was the traditional ceremony, a blended family ceremony, foot washing ceremony and the sand candle ceremony ... yep ...  and they all "flowed" beautifully ... I stood through the whole ceremony sand I think I cried through 50% of it ( I felt like the Mother of the Bride) ... my Baby was getting married.
I'm honored to have been asked to coordinate (plan) this wedding ... it was beautiful; and the decorations were more beautiful than I could have imagined. The Story told by each table , the togetherness, and warmth of family , friends, and coworkers of the bride and groom was just amazing! Definitely a day to be remembered for years to come.

Even the on site Wedding coordinator commented she had never seen anything like it ! The staff came in to watch us set-up ( as they saw all the items when they were delivered the day before and wondered what we were going to do with all that stuff) ... it blew them away !!!
Side note : I got two job offers that day ... talk about something to make you proud !

Monday, August 31, 2015

12 Tags of 2015 August Tag

WOW I can't believe the one tag I was so excited about doing and I set out to do it the day after it was posted; is JUST NOW getting done !
It has been a swirl wind around here ... so I won't complain ... I did it that's what is important to me !

" The Journey Is The  Destination " , perfect sentiment for this tag .

I think the August tag  was one of the coolest tags ever... don't you ?? That thinlit background was so fun and surprisingly easy ... such a great touch. Then the distress ink technique on top; the hickory smoke,  blueprint sketch, evergreen bough, peeled paint and walnut stain combo  ... WAY COOL.

Now I was a little heavy handed with the stamping ( I'm embracing the imperfection here ) ... but I loved that too ! This tag just made me giddy. :)

Oh and the splatter ... hahaha... I covered my area this time ( no gold splattered tools and supplies )  ... BUT I wasn't seeing the gold splatter .. humm ...  I might have gold freckles or gold highlight in my hair ; oh oh the cats shaking his head ... hahaha ... gotta go back and play with my splatter brush during my leisure;  I am determined to get  the hang of this. I think I do  see some on my tag .  And the smudging let's just say it is getting better.

I love how Tim adds all those little elements like the vial labels and the remnant rubs... my touch did you check out my " T 2 " ... my nick name is Tim2 !
Another fun tag completed ready to be displayed on my clip carousel ( those are so very cool btw).

Well... thank you again for the visit see you soon !

Friday, August 14, 2015

CC3 Challenge # 34

I cannot believe here we are at CC3 Challenge #34... the Grande Finale ! As you know we have been on this amazing Journey through Tim Holtz's book  A Compendium of Curiosities Volume III. Linda Ledbetter over at Studio L3 http://lindaledbetter.com/2015/08/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-34-the-grand-finale.html has been our awesome host , along with her super creative friends aka The Curiosity  Crew.

Thank You Linda, and the Curiosity Crew aka  " The Big Girls " : Anita, Annette, Candy, Cheryl, Hels, Margie, Susan and Yvonne . You ALL  are amazing !  Thank you for your inspiration, the sharing , encouragement and all the fun stuff in between. LOL

We've also had two very special sponsors through out  this journey and our sponsor this finale challenge is The Funkie Junkie Boutique at http://www.thefunkiejunkie.com/Default.asp.

Special Thank You once again to The Funkie Junkie Boutique and Inspiration Emporium for their generosity and fun gifts from   those amazing online stores . Thank you to Tim Holtz for such an amazing book and great instruction. And for Mario who sends out the amazing prizes with a smile ( through Linda).
The finale CC3 Challenge # 34 is found on page 48 . Hope you got the book by now...

It is now 6 hours and 40 minutes before deadline and I have NOTHING... be back later to finish this post ... She's back here we go ...

I forgot to take a photo of my tag once I completed the technique; so these are close ups so you can see it.

Okay so you know I was struggling with coming up with a project ... I finally chose to do a tag.
My tag reflects my thoughts about my CC3 Journey and this final Challenge 34 specifically.
My weapons of choice for this challenge were the blossom layering stencil, small talk, photobooth, frames and trims industrial stickers, label letters, flashcards,  hashtags stamp set,  tiny tattered floral thinlits, wall flower paper stash, hickory smoke, and fossilized amber distressing inks and crinkle ribbon.
I have so enjoyed the CC3 Challenges; this final one was really a challenge... I always try to stay focused on my projects even when all around me is going crazy. This week and these past few days
my life has been turned upside down. I think I shared earlier during the challenges that my brother; who is also my neighbor was stage 4 cancer; so we ( family) have been taking care of him; this week he took  some turns; so my time was spent in frequent trips back and forth to the house; and multiple phone contacts etc.; yesterday we ( sisters) had to take him to ER ,yesterday afternoon; he was finally admitted to hospital about 2 A.M. this morning; so I have been operating on 3-4 hours nightyly for over a week now. Not to mention it's been in the low 90's all week.  I'm so determined I'd lay down and take a nap and get up at 2 A.M. to craft  ( I had other projects going on as well) ... BUT the creativity fairy left me... I think I was finally relieved that my brother agreed to go to the hospital to be checked so that kind of freed up my mind. This is not an easy journey but our faith and family togetherness is carrying us... thank you for all  your care and concerns. Have a Blessed night ... see you tomorrow :)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

CC3 Challenge 33

OMG ... here it is Challenge # 33 ... this has been an amazing Journey. It's been a "Challenging time" in my life ... but I'm pleased to say I have kept up with the Challenges. With the wedding behind me now... I can start to return to normal around my work area... as soon as I find it!

I've had a wonderful time planning and creating so many projects ... gone out of my comfort zone a bit; and have friended some amazing , talented people.

I just want to take a moment to Thank  Linda Ledbetter, the Curiosity Crew, Tim, Mario, Inspiration Emporium , The Funkie Junkie and all the CC3 Creative Community for such an awesome Journey. You all have inspired, stretched. and wowed me beyond my wildest dreams. I don't think I have ever amazed myself and been as pleased as I am at this moment. To look back over the projects and see my own growth is exciting... Thank you ... each one of you for all you've done to make it a reality! Bless your hearts <3 .

Second to the last Challenge  from Tim Holtz's  book A Compendium of Curiosities  Volume III!!Linda Ledbetter still has guidelines up for you over on her blog  at  Studio L3 http://lindaledbetter.com/2015/07/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-33.html. It helps to refresh your memory too ... sometime you might get excited and forget the rules ... so check it out if you need to. If you have never joined us check the link at  Thttp://lindaledbetter.com/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-faq  for details all about CC3 . The Challenges are so fun and the Curiosity Crew is there to jump start us again. OMG ... you really need to go check out their work ... it's amazing once again. This time around our sponsor is Inspiration Emporium http://www.inspirationemporium.com/. Now if you've read the guidelines you know to be eligible for the prizes you will need to follow the rules, have your own book,  visit the Curiosity crew blogs and show them some love ( comment on their blogs); and of course enter your own project ... so go get started  you can do this ! :)

Challenge #33 Altered Surfaces is found on page 45

Well .. time for # 33 ; I'm laughing it took 33 times to get to a day before deadline and be able to say I completed my project and I'm not in the eleventh hour. I actually completed it yesterday but was too tired to post.

Not unlike any of the other challenges... there were challenges within the challenge... I knew in my mind what I wanted to do a cute somewhat vintage canvas and I played with it for quite sometime...

The above photo is my play ... you'll see the changes...

Had to use my NEW Distress color Blueprint sketch. Could not imagine what my alpha parts were going to look like blueprint sketch! That was the first issue ... secondly I wanted crackle paint on my canvas so I went with old paper ( using stuff from my stash I hadn't used for a while)... oh no I don't recall it having that "green" of a look ... too late it's on there now ... humm interesting color combo going on ... not to worry let's make the ribbon blueprint sketch too ... OH NO ... NOT what I was going for... Vintage with a twist LOL !!

Now to "pull " this together ... I remembered Correspondence paper stash had a pretty blue print, MAYBE I can find one to HELP... if all else fails distress the edges in blueprint sketch ... how 'bout some blueprint stenciled stars... blueprint sketch  adornment bird ( I'm determined to make this work ) LOL ! Did you notice the green dance ticket is almost same color as crackle paint and it's "pulling" the green in the floral bouquet from Emporium ephemera ... ok ... work it ... girlfriend !!

I kept playing and managed to pull it together... not what I had in mind but close... nonetheless fun. When I finished I thought it needed a touch of color to the ribbon bow so I added  buttons to "repeat " the colors in the found relatives and the red in the ephemera. THEN ... I came up with the bright idea to spritz blueprint sketch ( I know ... leave it alone... too late! ) ... I'm done ...  Hehehe...

Seriously hope you enjoyed my piece ... it really was fun ... still amazed at old paper crackle paint... hummm ... maybe because it's old?!  Maybe mislabeled ??  This is the color I was going for  http://www.scrapbooking-warehouse.com/215130.html#.Vbqgps_bL4Y

Oh well don't forget  to visit the Curiosity crew and see you next time ! :)

Monday, July 13, 2015

CC3 Challenge # 32

WOW ... I can't believe it we are almost done ... I've been here 32 times ... so amazing. As I read over Linda's post , I reflected on the challenges ... I went back and looked at All of my projects ... I could not believe I've COMPLETED 31 projects  ( 32 now ) !

So for the 32nd time , I'd like to invite you to visit the charming Linda Ledbetter over at Studio L3
http://lindaledbetter.com/2015/07/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-32.html ; now if you have not been there yet, be sure to check out her guidelines so that you get an understanding of what CC3 is all about  http://lindaledbetter.com/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-faq and our guidelines.
 Our journey is through the pages of Tim Holtz's  Compendium of Curiosities Volume III.

We have had two amazing sponsors on this Journey . Our sponsor this time around is The Funkie Junkie http://www.thefunkiejunkie.com/ with a fabulous $25 shopping spree  for the chosen winner.
Now to add even more fun to our Journey Linda Ledbetter's friends aka The Curiosity Crew has jumpstarted us once again with there amazing projects. So if you are stuck and don't know what to do ... or if you are like me and the creativity fairy went on vacation ... visit them for some inspiration :) While you are there show them some love and it will qualify you for the Curiosity Crew's Choice Award. If you follow all the guidelines, show them some love and submit your project ( of course ) you can be eligible for some awesome goodies from the man himself ; Tim Holtz . Tim and Mario have equipped Linda with some awesome goodies to award to some lucky winner !

Now to be a winner you'll need your own copy of Tim Holtz's book A Compendium of Curiosities Volume III . Don't have one ?? Visit my charming friend at  Tim Holtz.com http://timholtz.com/ he'll even autography it for you . Pssst ... he's doing sneak peaks right now ... CHECK THEM OUT !!!

Okay so you read the guidelines ... you know NONE of us are going to give you detail instructions ! Open your book to page 59  FROSTED FILM ... yep that's our CC3 Challenge # 32 ...

OMG ... I was just about all finished and the thought occurred to me ... it looks so much like some other tag  I've  done .. oh no !!! WHEW... I checked ... just similar ...

For my tag I was twisted, abandoned and fossilized, and layered with burlap, doilies and wildflowers !!!  LOL ... translation  ... I used  twisted citron, abandoned coral and fossilized amber distressing inks on my background and  I used burlap, doily and wildflower layering stencils.
I used the distress marker spritzer with black soot and back stitching to add interest. Check out the crazy rick rack ribbon from Tim's natural, black /cream trimmings ... goes just fine with my whimsical frosted film flowers don't you think ?! As you can see it was all about fun !

Other Tim Holtz product used  tattered florals die , mini butterfly die, spring greenery decorative strip die ;  hashtags stamp set, watercolor stamp set  and  clear stamps phrases 2 . Embellishments included a muse token and ribbon, and flower brads and min safety pin from my stash.

 I'm feeling a little looney and silly after intense work on wedding decorations/plans hope you enjoyed your visit ! Don't forget to visit the Curiosity Crews blogs and show them some love... remember they can't hear you ooos and aahs... See you next time !