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Friday, December 19, 2014

CC3 Challenge # 17

Oh my where did my time go? It has been a busy week ... rehearsals, birthday  party, memorial service and doctor appointment ( urgent appointment ... yuk ) ! Okay so I've got 14 hours. and 20 minutes  to pull this off ... I thought of not participating BUT ... I worked too hard not to !
We are at Challenge 17 ... I'm hanging in there ... how 'bout you ?
OMG ... Linda and the Curiosity Crew went Christmas ... have you seen their projects ???
Oh my BAAD... first things first... Our wonderful hostess Linda Ledbetter over at http://lindaledbetter.com/2014/12/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-17.html and that fabulous Curiosity Crew have a treat for you.  Now if you have not joined us by now it's not too late ... Linda still has the rules/guidelines posted for your viewing pleasure. Tim Holtz's book  A compendium of Curiosities Volume III is our guide. Now I gotta tell you even if you don't participate THIS is the book to have to check out ALL those amazing techniques ... great reference book! The very personable Tim himself will autography your book too if you go to http://timholtz.com/a-compendium-of-curiosities-volume-iii/.  Our sponsors this week are my friends at http://www.inspirationemporium.com/ ; should you be the lucky winner you get a $50 gift certificate to their online store ... how cool is that ?!  Psst ... by the way when you go to check out their store ... go check out their blog... talk about inspiration for some amazing gifts !!
The Curiosity Crew has Curiosity Crew Choice Award and Honorable Mention ... so umm if you participate you have a chance to win ! Those goodies from Tim and Mario are the best ... Thank you again Linda, Curiosity Crew, Tim and Mario my package came Monday ... I'm still grinning !!
Okay so to be eligible you gotta go check out the blogs of the Curiosity Crew ( you'll want to do that  anyway) ; show them some love while you are there okay ?!
Now to Challenge 17 it's  Woodland and Tinsel Twine p. 60 ... OMG you are gonna love this singing ..." It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ... "
I so love this ... I chose a vintage look my friend Paula Cheney had a tutorial last week on colorizing pearls ... it was the boom ! I don't want to get into trouble... Soooooooooo I'll just say I had loads of fun. I did not have all the supplies I thought I had so I went with what I had... so pleased with the results.

Sure hope you can see my details... THIS WAS A CHALLENGE ! Not feeling well and antibiotics kicked in while I was working... talk about stressing :) . Anyway I have share photos ( photographer I am not ... especially not right now. I chose to do this ... so I must complete it ... I will not be defeated.
I so enjoyed the process. I'm so thankful I have Tim's other two compendiums ; I had to consult it ... I could not remember how to do the tissue tape on my configuration ( don't know if it was the meds or forgetfulness... hahaha ) ... ANYWAY I had the resources !
Happy Friday !

P.S. In my haste to get this posted I forgot to share with you what I used... I used  Tim Holtz  Merriment Paper Stash , Merriment Tissue Tape and a 6.75" x 8.75" Configurations.
Ideology  ring fastener,  baubles, Christmas muse token, mirrored stars, corners, curio knob , Christmas word band and Christmas tidings tokens. Oh and of course woodland tree !
Okay ... I'm off to clean up so cats don't get my stuff ... then off to bed ... antibiotic is messin' with me :(  ... See You later !

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

CC3 Challenge # 16

Is it just me ... or are you feeling it too ... time is flying by ... it's December already !!
How was your Thanksgiving? Hope you had a Blessed one. Well time to get in gear for Christmas... are you getting in the spirit ? Well if not maybe a peak at what Linda and the Curiosity Crew has in store might help you! I tell you those ladies are so talented... and the versatility is amazing ( something for everybody).
Speaking of everybody... did you join in the fun yet? Okay we are at Challenge # 16... come on you can do it... visit Linda Ledbetter 
http://lindaledbetter.com/2014/11/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-16.html ., she's got complete easy to follow guidelines ; a link to the amazing Tim Holtz so you can purchase his book  A Compendium of Curiosities Volume III ... don't forget you can get it autographed too . Now if you have yours already but you want some company on this amazing journey gift a copy to one of your friends; invite them to join you. Tell them Tim and Mario have goodies ... should you be the Curiosity Crew's Choice Award Recipient ... if that does not get them tell them our sponsors this week are  The Funkie Junkie  Boutique  http://www.thefunkiejunkie.com/  , they could win a $25 shopping spree. Now they will probably tell you they wouldn't know what to create or where to start ... not a problem ... tell them while they are at Linda's site they can see projects  done by the Curiosity Crew ... it's fabulous inspiration ! All they have to do is visit each one's blog; show them some love ( so easy to do... cause they will want to tell them how awesome their projects are) and then they'll be eligible for prizes. Can't get any easier than that !
Okay ... so while you brush up on your recruitment skills I'll share my project...
This week is Challenge # 16  Layering Stencil Embossing found on p.50
OMG... this is so amazing... I don't want to get in trouble ... let me just say the technique is so easy and the results are amazing ...

The above photo is of my other  new Tim toys, I used Christmas framelit, , labels thinlit ,  and handwritten Christmas Stamps .

I used  the Holiday Knit and the Speckles  stencils and some of my other new Tim toys . I'm showing you the above photo so you can see my background. I used worn lipstick, fired brick and barn door distressing inks. I just love this color palette.

This photo is showing the other elements of my tag. I had so much fun using the stencils with texture paste and foil sheets ... way cool !!! You'll have to look close at the finished tag to see the details ... OMG ... with the help of Tim toys I worked some magic !

Well I've probably told you to much ( hope not ... I couldn't help it) ... but I do hope you enjoyed it.
Have I  convinced you yet ?? Come on join us...
Alright ... don't forget to visit the Curiosity Crews blogs, let them know you enjoy their work ! I'm going back to play...

Oh, Thank you again Linda and Curiosity Crew for choosing me for  the Curiosity Crew's Choice Award for Challenge # 15 . I am HONORED !!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

It's Advent Season !

Speaking of Holidays ... have you seen Somerset Holidays & Celebrations ? OMG I love Somerset and every now and then I buy a copy. There are so many great ideas and so much inspiration... it just takes me to my Happy Place ! Vanessa Spencer created this adorable Advent Calendar; it's called an Out-of-the ordinary ( Somerset Holidays & Celebrations p. 26 ) .  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to make one.
Last year I purchased some stickers from Simples Stories from a 25 Days Christmas Collect with the intent to create an advent box I was waiting for the place where I ordered to get more papers so I could order them... well long story short that collection was discontinued. So when I saw Vanessa's calendar these stickers came to mind immediately ... yay I found something to do with these number stickers !

I just love the colors of these stickers and figured I could create a cute calendar too ! It took me a month almost ( doing several other projects in between)  to plan out my calendar. A few days ago I started my count down to my 65th Birthday and my goal everyday is to create something and/or complete a UFO everyday for the next 65 days ! What better thing to complete than an advent calendar! I used Vanessa's Calendar as my springboard. What a project it turned out to be ... I almost gave up ! I had trouble trying to find some items I wanted. I ended up masking the coin envelopes because I could not find them in white. Finding buckets the size I wanted was difficult as well but I created a way to include the buckets on tags with the numbers on the tag.

It was a little frustrating in that my cats thought it was a play toy and that I was playing with them as I attempted to attach the various components. I am  happy to say they all survived and the calendar is completed in time for advent season !

Sunday, November 30, 2014

All Is Calm All Is Bright

Getting in the Holiday Spirit ... I'm clearing off my work area preparing for another project and I decided to make this cute tag with leftovers from various other projects. I watched Dyan Reaveley do a demo one time and she showed how she uses excess ink on her mat to make backgrounds for future tags so I've started "mopping  up " my excess /leftover ink on my mat with tags and setting them aside.
This tag was created from leftover distress stain sprays from two different projects creating  interesting layers.  It's so fun to do this and see what it looks like when it's done.

 I used the adorable movers and shapers mini reindeer & 25 set ; tattered pinecone,  festive greenery die and the label from Tim's new labels die. I added rock candy stickles to the edges of the pine cone along with snow cap distress paint, I also added stickles and snow cap paint to the light green leaves. The greenery was cut from kraft core ( love that kraft core) .  My background was created swiping a tag through leftover distress paints ( evergreen bough, tumbled glass, forest moss, antique linen and rusty hinge) for the first layer and leftover walnut stain and tarnished brass distress stain spray for the second layer. The label is Tim's thinlits labels die stamped with the mini handwritten holidays stamps.
Who knew clean up could be so fun !!

12 Tags of 2014 November Tag

WOW... where did November go ... it's the 30th ALREADY ! Well ... I'm last minute AGAIN! My die did not come ( you know how I like using what Tim used) I don't have any of the new die texture fade combo sets yet . Surprisingly I could not find it locally. I used my gift certificate to purchase the leaf die but they were on "reserve until 20th of November ( so I really thought it would be here :(
I thought of not doing the tag until my die arrived but the thought of being left out killed me.
So I had a Plan B ... so I thought ... Plan B did not work so well. I had wanted to use the bell die but I could not figure out how to position it on the die so that I could cut just the bell  "negative" without breaking my frame ... oh well some of us can't walk and chew bubble gum LOL !!

ANYWAY I attempted a couple of things to  make a tag using these techniques. I played around until I found one of my dies that could "stand alone" going through the big shot.  I  chose  the gentleman from the Victorian Carolers ; my background is  Sheet Music Texture fade. This was a fun process trying to position the sheet music so that I captured parts that could be distinguished.
I did not want to completely change my color palette as I had everything all laid out. So I chose evergreen bough, tumbled glass, broken china, forest moss, rusty hinge,  and antique linen.
Interesting colors for caroler don't you think !

I was getting more and more frustrated along the way until I added the foil ... OMG ... this is so amazing... and so easy !

The Distress stain spray such a cool touch( once you get  the hang of the use) . I remembered all the things Tim had said while he was demoing with it at the Carson Stamp show ... in my mind I pretended I was him doing it ... LOL ... little more practice needed here :)

So I won't be left out ... I do hope you enjoyed my tag ... I certainly enjoyed it ( the techniques were awesome ! See you next time ! Thanks for visiting !

Thursday, November 13, 2014

CC3 Challenge # 15

Hi everybody ! Can you believe it's November  13th already? I hope you remembered to Thank a Veteran this past week ( actually Everyday is a good day to thank a Veteran).
Well Linda Ledbetter over at  http://lindaledbetter.com/2014/11/compendium-of-curiosities-3-challenge-15.html and the fabulous Curiosity Crew has graced us with another wonderful Challenge.
We are at Challenge # 15 but it is not too late for you to join us. Tim's wonderful book Compendium of Curiosities Volume III is still available ( yep ... you can still get it autographed too ) . Go visit Linda's site check out the rules and the  guidelines ; there aren't many, but you will want to follow them to be eligible for some awesome prizes.
 Speaking of prizes my friend Joy and her family over at  http://www.inspirationemporium.com/ are our sponsors this week, they are offering a $50  gift certificate to their store for some lucky winner ... fifty dollars ... that's awesome... you know what you could do with that ?  Yep buy more Tim stash !
The Curiosity Crew has a Curiosity Crew Choice Award... sounds prestigious doesn't it ? It's awesome they showed a photo of the hand picked goodies from Tim and Mario + a surprise TREAT!!
You know you want to get in on that action...
While you are checking out your guidelines check out the Crews work... they've got some amazing projects for inspiration to help get you started. Go visit each one of their blogs so you can see some amazing details. If you show them some love while you are there you'll be eligible for the goodies and surprise... so easy ... get started !!
This weeks challenge ... Challenge # 15  Cabinet Card Pocket is found on page 38 in your book.
Omg ... this is fun !
I chose Tim's Found Relatives as my spring board ... I love these ... just so much fun!

I used my Wallflower Paper ( both the regular and the Vellum) ... I so love that collection; Thrift shop Ephemera (regular and vellum) ;Remnant Rubs Life Quotes, Botanical, Numbers,  and Elements... LOL I love remnant rubs too; and I used Industrious Stickers and tissue tape. Oh I got so excited I forgot to tell you I used baubles, adornment arrows,  mirrored stars, heart charms, word band, gem clip ,wire pin , linen ribbon and crinkle ribbon and my cabinet card.
One of the things I LOVE about the challenges is that I USE my TIM STASH !!
I used vintage photo to distress my cabinet card, I attached my photo to a piece of wallflower paper  and embellished it by adding various vellum ephemera, using the remnant rubs I embellished some of those pieces. I colorized my word band and the arrow using bundled sage distress paint.

I distressed my tag using  antique linen, old paper, vintage photo and crushed olive distressing ink. I layered it with a piece of vellum cut from wallflower paper and added sentiment from my Words For Thought Stamp set, trimmed it with industrial sticker borders and corner... added some additional verb age using the remnant rubs, and then  attached a ticket  using my tiny attacher.
I added crinkle ribbon that I colorized using barn door, picked raspberry and Victorian velvet distress stains.

I so hope you enjoyed my cabinet card pocket as much as I did . Better yet go do one, you've got plenty of time ! Don't forget to show the crew some love ! See you again soon :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day Thank You

Just wanted to take the time to say " Thank You "  to the many men and women who have served and are serving our Country  and Keeping us safe.  God Bless you for your service, courage and dedication to our country; and for serving when and where needed... defending our freedom. We appreciate each and every one of you ... Happy Veterans Day !

My card was created using a prayer from ( A Prayer for Veterans; card from American Greetings... a card I gave to my uncle some years ago) as my background. I stamped over it using USA stamp from my Tim Holtz Americana Blueprint CMS 145 set ; I colored the USA using my barn door, picket fence and faded jeans distress markers and detail paint pen. I mounted it on the fabulous coredinations papers scarlet and klondike blue ( by Tim of course). Absolutely love these papers I sanded them with my sanding block to give a vintage look. I punched out stars using my Marvy Uchida punches stacked them and added bling !