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Friday, March 27, 2015

CC3 Challenge # 24 (#2)

Hi everybody ... It's me again . I'm having way too much fun with CC3 Challenges ! Have you joined us yet ?
CC3  is all about exploring Compendium of Curiosities Vol. III , Tim Holtz's book. Our hostess on this Journey is Linda Ledbetter over at Studio  L3  http://lindaledbetter.com/2015/03/cc3c24.html. She has so nicely outlined the guidelines for these  challenges . She also has some amazing friends aka The Curiosity Crew who have done some awesome projects to inspire and encourage us along the way. If you stop by her site you will see their fabulous work and get a chance to visit their blogs and show them some love. Psst ... if you show them some love you can be eligible for some awesome prizes; goodies from Tim Holtz. AND we have fabulous sponsors too ! Our sponsor this week is The Funkie Junkie Boutique http://www.thefunkiejunkie.com/ if you are chosen winner you receive a $25 shopping spree at their online boutique ... how cool is that?!
Okay so this week our Challenge #24 is Remnant Rub Resist found on p. 51 You get a treat this week I've done a second project ( actually the 4th project ... but I'm only sharing two )!
 I love remnant rubs so I got carried away experimenting...
This was way too cute not to share... I present my Remnant Rub Egg on a Tattered Floral Base

The photos do not do it justice... but it was so cute I had to share.  The last three photos are close ups so you can actually see my work on the egg . The beginning photos are the finished project. I could not figure out what to do for a base so I used my tattered floral and my poinsettia dies to cut flowers and I curl and distressed the edges to form a cradle and I added a  grunge board butterfly and ribbon.
 It was so fun to experiment ! That cracked pistachio and picked raspberry and abandoned coral made a very pretty combination.
Okay don't forget to visit the Curiosity Crews blogs and show them some love. You know what those other CC3 ers   are amazing too ... it's an amazing creative community ... check them out !

Okay ... I'm gone for real now ... see you next time !

CC3 Challenge #24

Whew... CC3 Challenge #24 ... you ready ??  I can't believe it ...  The more I see of  A Compendium of Curiosities Volume III the more I love it ! In these challenges we are not only learning these various techniques and familiarizing ourselves with the Tim Holtz products but we are making lots of friends; and meeting some amazing artist. I'm so jazzed about this !! Tim Holtz has done a fabulous job introducing us to varies products and techniques.
Linda Ledbetter our awesome hostess with the cutest sidekick ever ... Miss Violet ; has given us guidelines to follow on our Journey. If you go over to her site http://lindaledbetter.com/2015/03/cc3c24.html you can see all the detailed  guidelines ( you really want to follow those ... it's not hard... well maybe sometime :) ) there are not a lot of them but they are important if you want to be eligible for prizes ... you know you want those. Our wonderful sponsors this week are The Funkie Junkie Boutique http://www.thefunkiejunkie.com/ . OMG I peeked over there this week... they've got some amazing stuff ... bought a smile to my face ( I'm sorta on punishment... cause I over spent on some Tim goodies) but it didn't hurt to look!  If you are chosen winner you get a $25 shopping spree ... woohoo !! Also the awesome Curiosity Crew has a Curiosity Crew Choice Award if you are chosen for that you get goodies from the man himself Tim Holtz ... Tim and Mario have provided our hostess with some amazing goodies for the winners! Okay, so to be eligible you must visit the blogs of all the crew members and show them some love !
Now for the Challenge #24 Remnant Rub Resist  found on p. 51 in YOUR book ( I trust you have one by now ). I love, love, love Remnant Rubs ... so you know I totally enjoyed this one. You will have to follow along in your book to know what I did... I'm not telling ...
My weapons of choice for this challenge were  Botanical, Numbers and Elements Remnant rubs ... did I mention I LOVE remnant rubs ?? I used the new colors cracked pistachio and  abandoned coral, along with picked raspberry and pumice stone for my color palette. It is so yummy!


Well that's all I can tell you without getting into trouble. So I'm going to leave you with one request ... COME JOIN US !
Oh I just want to Thank  all of you who sent  encouraging messages last week for my family and myself , I appreciate your love and concern. These have been some very difficult weeks for all of us  but through the grace of God we are doing well.  Bless Your hearts  <3

Friday, March 13, 2015

CC3 Challenge #23

Hi everyone ! Did you enjoy that gorgeous weather today ? It is 9:17 P.M. and it is 74 degrees right now. AMAZING !
Well here we are at Challenge #23 ... can you believe it! Linda Ledbetter and the Curiosity Crew has done a marvelous job keeping us "engaged". Have YOU joined us yet ?? Come on... it is so fun, and you learn so much! Go over to Linda's  site Studio L3  at   http://lindaledbetter.com/2015/02/compendium-of-curiosities-challenge-23-2.html you can read all the rules and guidelines. Tim Holtz would be very Happy to autograph a copy of his book Compendium of Curiosities III ; that's his book that we are exploring on these fabulous challenges.
Not only do you learn  valuable techniques and amazing tips ; we've got some amazing  sponsors as well. This weeks sponsor is Inspiration Emporium     owned and  operated by my friend Joy Kennedy and her family.  Even if you don't join us for the challenges you can go and check out their site http://www.inspirationemporium.com/. Should you be chosen as the winner you get a $50 gift certificate to their store. Is that enough of an incentive for you ?? No ... okay ... Tim  and Mario have sent some amazing goodies just for the challenge winner ... the Curiosity Crew has a Curiosity Crew Choice award ; to be eligible for this prize all you have to do is follow all the guidelines; visit each one of the Crew's blog and show them some love ( leave a comment). Easy enough ... right ? so come join us ... it really is a rewarding experience. Enough said ...

This weeks challenge; Challenge #23 is Collection Folio found on page 34. I've been excited about this one; actually thought I was going to be already for it ... NOT ! Once again I'm last minute...
I've gotta say I love it ... it was hard to get start; with all the distractions ( we had another death in the family this morning and I've spent the week sitting with my favorite auntie who passed away this morning... she'd been in hospice care for a little over a week) ... ANYWAY... I'm pleased to say I got my Folio done... well as I finished up the creative juices ( that I waited for all week started flowing) so I will probably "tweak" it .
My weapons of choice for this challenge were the WallFlower Paper Stash, and the Wallflower ephemera; both the vellum and the regular one. I love this paper stash ... it is one of my favorites. In the past year I have purchased THREE 12x12 paper stashes.
For my folio I chose to use some of my tags ... you know the ones that don't quite make the cut ... LOL. Tim always say to embrace your imperfections so I have embraced some of them; I've also included photos of " My Guys " ... Tim, Mario and Ted ( Mr. Stamper's Anonymous ). They are three of my favorite people.
So here's my folio ...

I don't want to get in trouble so I won't give details but you can see all or most of my work. Like I said so fun... now the ideas are following so I will "tweak" it in the near future. Enjoy... don't forget to visit the Curiosity Crew's blog; their Folios are amazing. Lots of inspiration too ! See you next time!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Inspiration Emporium February Challenge

Love Is In The Air ... OMG is it ever ! Prior to today we've had beautiful weather... my most favorite; blue skies with white clouds crisp air with a chilly breeze ( windy actually), so clear you can see the trees on the mountains and count the antennae on Mt. Wilson !

It's also the season for new  product ... OMG my wish list is so loooonng !! I just got cracked pistachio a week ago ... OMG ... it is soooooooo pretty I'm in love with it !  I used it on my CC3 Challenge and on this one. I had so much fun with the CC3 Challenge ... I continued to "play"... so here is my tag

 The dimensional technique is so fun, I used my movers and shapers mini butterfly die, I used both butter flies ... I put I love you paper under the butterflies... how fun is that !
For my background I used  festive berry, worn lipstick  and spun sugar distress ink, spritzed with brushed pewter distress stain. I used the bubbles stencil with cracked pistachio ... interesting color combo going on here... I also used cracked pistachio distress ink around the outside of the butterflies.
Oh and this was fun I used a stampers anonymous script stamp to stamp the butterflies.  To further embellish my tag I used the botanical remnant rubs ... way to much fun !! I finished it off by adding a cracked pistachio crinkle ribbon !

I wasn't sure about this color  combo ... but it was all about the play ... not bad  !
Well my cat is looking at me crazy ... I've got product all over his favorite spots and he's waiting for me to move it. Hope to see you again next month !


12 Tags of 2015 February Tag

 Yes ... I know January comes before February ... you missed my January Tag ... hehehe ... so did I.

As 2015 rolled around, I had been sick for all the Holidays and had decided that maybe I would not participate in 12 Tags this year. Well as much as I love Tim ... I could not stand my decision so
I'm back in the game ! I will post January's Tag ( for my loyal followers ... ALL three of you :)  ) MAYBE tonight or tomorrow . With that said ... on to February...

A fun tag, lots of detail ( so Tim ) . Love the felt heart idea ... had to once again dust off the sewing machine... it wasn't totally cooperative... but I'll excuse it since I disturbed it's hibernation! Tim does that cool smudge technique... mine still needs work but as Stuie ( not sure of spelling... that rude little kid on Family Guy ) says " You gettin' there though... you gettin' there  ! "

I can see myself doing this collage type work again ... I love the end product ! Little tips along the way ... Tim does say gently sand ... I wasn't very gentle... so it gave a worn look in a couple of areas.

I'm embracing all my imperfections and  can't wait to see the March tag . What will Tim do for March ... hummm?? Something using Cracked Pistachio maybe ! Have you seen it ? It is sooooooooo pretty. I used it on my CC3 Challenge and on my Inspiration Emporium Challenge ... go check it out ! See you again soon !

CC3 Challenge # 22

Happy Friday Everybody ! Can you believe it's the end of the month? Where did February go ?
WOW time is going by so fast... it will be Spring very soon. We've had some beautiful weather  how about you ?
Well here we are at CC3 Challenge #22 . Linda Ledbetter and the awesome Compendium Crew over at Linda's Blog http://lindaledbetter.com/2015/02/compendium-of-curiosities-challenge-22-2.html ; have once again WOWED us with their take on this weeks Challenge ; Dimensional Cutting Pad, found on Page 62 of Tim Holtz's Book Compendium of Curiosities Volume III. In case you are joining us for the first time; Linda and the Curiosity Crew are taking us on an amazing technique journey through Tim's book. You can join us by purchasing your own fabulous copy of Tim's book and  following the guidelines on Linda's site; there are a few simple rules to follow.

We've also got some amazing sponsors; this week's sponsor is The Funkie Junkie  Boutique http://www.thefunkiejunkie.com/ should you be chosen as the winner you will get an  awesome $25
shopping spree at their store. You also have an opportunity to win some cool Tim stash that Tim and Mario have supplied for the Challenges. To be eligible all you have to do is follow the rules, visit each Curiosity Crew members blog; and  show them some love ! So come join the fun, learn some cool techniques with us, get inspired and show us YOUR creativity too !
So turn to page 62... if you've got your book ... check out Dimensional Cutting Pad ... now if you read the rules you KNOW I can't give any instructions... it's so hard not to tell sometime... it's so exciting to learn something  new !!! I will tell you I thought it was going to be difficult... I'm happy to report it is so easy ... so cool !
I created a tag using Alterations Movers & Shapers Mini Butterflies Set, and Sized Ovals. One of the things I love about the challenges is that I'm  using my Tim stash. I used seedless preserves, ripe persimmon , cracked pistachio ( the new distress color for January) distress paints; and  tarnished brass distress stain to create my background. I embellished my tag using  Stampers Anonymous stamp, industrial stickers frame, ideology pen nibs and small corner, and ribbon from my stash . I also used an images from Pion paper; Paris Flea Market Collection ( you will have to look very close to see it  ... I'm very pleased with this little detail :)

Here is side view so that you can see the images ... pretty cool huh?

Close up of my ribbon and the  cracked pistachio  painted  butterfly

I love how the background came out; I even spritzed it with cracked pistachio to add more detail !
Hope you enjoyed it. And I do hope you join us. Don't forget to go show some love to the Curiosity Crew !

P.S. I knew there was another reason I posted the photo  again at the end ... wanted you to see how I positioned the ribbon (without giving details I did the technique twice ) ... hint : the oval and the butterfly !


Friday, February 13, 2015

CC3 Challenge #21

Hi everybody! Okay so I've got about 6 hours to make a deadline ... and no project ! So why am I posting you ask ? I'm hoping some inspiration will come and I will drop a project into this post.

It's been an emotional roller coaster  since the passing of my cousin Roberta,  January 27, 2015. She was like my other daughter and I was her stand in mom for many years after the passing of her mom some years ago. Roberta had been in a semi coma for the past 10 1/2 years . I had hoped for a miracle and that things would turn around. I had many unanswered questions; but I KNOW God knew best; and He doesn't make mistakes. I had the honor of officiating her Homegoing Service last Friday ... Yes ... for those who didn't know I am a licensed/ ordained Minister.

Okay ... I got that out...
Here we are at CC3 # 21 ... did you check out the Curiositiy Crews awesome projects on Linda's site ? Our hostess Linda Ledbetter  http://lindaledbetter.com/2015/01/compendium-of-curiosities-challenge-21-2.html has some super talented friends. And speaking of the Curiosity Crew did you see what they did at CHA 2015 ?? They showered Tim and Mario with Starbuck Gift Cards enveloped in special envelopes that each one of them decorated ... How cool is that ?!
Anyway ... Our sponsor this week is Inspiration Emporium http://www.inspirationemporium.com/; they've got an amazing family owned online store ... OMG you gotta go check out the new products. Hint, hint ...  if you are chosen as the winner you could go shop with the $50 Gift Certificate for some new Tim toys. And speaking of Tim ... he and his gorgeous ( did I say that out loud ?? ) Logistics
Director ... have sent Linda some goodies... so if you're fortunate enough to be chosen for the Curiositiy Crew Choice Award ... you will receive a box of Tim stash!
Now to be eligible you  must visit the crew's blogs and show them some love ( comment), you must also follow the guidelines that Linda has posted on her site... there aren't many ... you can do this; What you waiting for come join us ?!

CC3 Challenge #21  is Rock Candy Distress Glitter , found on p.55 in Compendium of Curiosities Volume III ... did I mention you need to have this book? Sorry... that's what these fabulous challenges are all about. We are going through Tim's book and exploring all the fabulous techniques... you still have time to join us !
Okay I gotta go back to work if I'm going to get my project dropped in here... I HATE to be left out ... see you soon  (Very soon ) ! Whew ... when  you get "stuck" play with NEW toys...


I knew that ... so here it is ...  I used Tim Holtz's Flower Garden , Handwritten Thoughts Stamp sets and Wildflower Stencil .

The photos do not do it justice ...  for my background I used milled lavender, festive berries, dusty concord and spun sugar distress inks. and I spritzed it with brushed pewter distress stain . Such a gorgeous palette !
Well ... I'd love to tell you how I did it BUT you'll have to look it up in your book... better yet go try it ... it is so very cool ! See you next time  ...