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Friday, October 31, 2014

12 Tags of 2014 October Tag

Oh my goodness it is October 31st ...  WHERE did October go ?? I did not wait until the last minute to do this tag ... well not quite ... it has been done for a day and a half but I couldn't seem to find post time. So here I am ... five hours eleven minutes to go...

 This tag was something else...the spider was quite a cool technique, then the texture paste with that spookylicious  Halloween stencil ... I'm not sure which I enjoyed the most. Then the pumpkin... okay so I'm not fond of coloring as it is not my gift ... but that's such a cool technique with the glossy accents... it really is  magical...  I like this !

Tim just seems to think of the coolest effects... picket fence on the back of monocle how cool is that?
Now I must admit I got carried away with the distress stain spray ( actually got distracted too many times ... then tried to make up for lost time) my colors didn't quite come out the way I intended ... BUT man those colors are so cool and the  antique bronze speckle effect ... way cool ( oh and my tweezers are speckled ,spritzer bottle is speckled too )  ! You know I always have funny stories with my tags ... I thought I had lost the mini fasteners so I was down on my hands and knees looking for them ( I thought I  dropped two) on a green hunter green throw rug... I looked for ten minutes ... don't ask why I didn't just get some more out ... you KNOW I have extra Tim stash ... I had to find those two ... I got off of my knees sat down in my chair picked up the tweezers and there they were...Thank God for magnetized Tweezer Bee's ... they had blended in with the tweezers so I missed them !
They are so tiny they should be called "dinky" not mini !
Another awesome tag ... I am amazed at my final project ... Happy Halloween see you next time !
New tag goes up tomorrow wonder what Tim's got in store for us ??


  1. Great tag Rea'! Wonderful colours. Congratulations on your win! Karen.x

  2. Wonderful tag! Love the story about the "dinky" fasteners! Congratulations on winning!

  3. Yay you!!!! Big congrats to you!!!

    1. Thank you ... you are always so supportive !

  4. This so great Rea. Love your background colors. You did a great job on your charms (and I'm so glad you found a way to get those "dinky" fasteners on your tag). Congrats to you on your win on Tim's blog!