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Saturday, January 5, 2013

P.S. To Compendium Finale Post

It Does Pay To Dream !

Okay ... so I had no inside to my card... I can't leave it like that!
Stressed out... card isn't in the mail, got a phone call for a "quick study" for a video shoot,
most learn a song so I can do video and I have no words until 8:20 P.M. last
night, trying to do my hair and get ready for video...Yikes !!
What do I do ? ... I GO TO BED !
Inside of card came to me while I was sleep... YAY !! Used my Tim Holtz stamps to "repeat some of the designs in the texture trade ( see it does pay to have Tim "stash" too ). I also used my dylusions diamond stencil... woo hoo ! Card done !
Gotta go get ready for "call" rehearsal, video shoot is at 1:00 P.M. ...Whew !!
Have A Great Day !


  1. The inside is as lovely as the outside, Rea! How great that the idea came to you in your sleep!

  2. Oh Ms. Linda you are so kind, I did the envelope to! I'm upset that I forgot to take it with me to get it in the mail on time. This video was a last minute "call out" ( I sing with a Gospel Community Choir), I had to take time to play the CD they sent me, and learn the words, not to mention I wasn't ready for a video (lots of unplanned work)!
    It went well though... we listened to the CD and practiced the words all the way to the shooting ( I'll probably be singing it in my sleep tonight !! Thank you again for such an amazing journey !

  3. Replies
    1. Aaah Thank you again ! It was a first... but so fun !!
      Tim causes you to step out of your comfort zone !

  4. Love your card - the inside is fab too - you sound very busy!

    1. Thank you Sunshine Girl ! Friday and Saturday was very busy... I learned the song and the video shoot went great... was a neat experience !