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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where In The World Is My Vagabond ?

Who knew Sizzix would be asking my question... where in the world is my Vagabond? So funny it has it's own space in my craft room, BUT that's not where it was today ...LOL ! I was working on my craft room ( I'm STILL trying to get it set -up since the remodel), today when my sister came by . She was surprised I had not sent in a photo yet. " I can't send in a photo like this" was my reply, to which she replied ... "You can be looking for it..." ( as she looked around the "Queendom").
Some how amidst my busy schedule of blog hops, card making, challenges, choir recording, and the normal household chores I just can't seem to get my room set-up ! But this week my goal was to make a "dent" in that room.
Wow ... FOUND IT !! Who would have thought to look in the laundry basket ?? Okay, back to business at hand... let's get those boxes unpacked. Oh, do come back some time in the future to see my room... I'll try to remember to let you know when it's finished!  If I can stay away from the computer for a little bit ... I just might get it done !!

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  1. Your post made me smile. I currently stamp in my basement, and will be turning a spare bedroom into a actual room for me! I started emptying out dressers and stuff last weekend, and now the room has more stuff in than before (at least it looks like it..) I was told to relax that it has took look worse before it looks better.. Enjoy your weekend. Can't wait to see your space when it is done....