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Saturday, May 30, 2015

12 Tags of 2015 May Tag

Hi everybody ... " Eleventh Hour Susie " here ... LOL ... that's my name today !  I'm actually starting this post while I wait for the tag to dry. Well not unlike the past couple of months this one has been busy. With passing of two more family members; Baby Levi and Roy Lee it's been quite busy. I was feeling a little overwhelmed this past week ( out of sorts ... probably closer description) so I took some time to do busy  body clean up of my work area; hoping for the creative fairy to stop by. She DID NOT COME ... can you believe it ?!
Anyway ... I'm closer to normal today then I have been for the last two weeks.
I was very excited about getting to this tag ... but dreading it too ... those tiny flowers looked so intimidating !! To my surprise they were very easy... love that little tool that comes with the Tiny Tattered Florals die ... OMG ... GREAT DIE TIM !! I actually remember watching Tim demo these at CHA in January and I remember thinking those are great but I don't think I'd want to wrestle with those tiny flowers ... hahaha ... no wrestle here... tiny flowers in one try !!!

Wow... those flowers are amazing...

This tag had so many fun details ; PhotoBooth strips , way too much fun to colorize and then use remnant runs. It is amazing how such small details add so much to a project.
I tell you
Tim just WOWS me with the elements he brings to each tag every month. Burlap background, texture paste stenciling, stitching and spritzing too ... fun, fun, fun !
I have to say I'm embracing the spritzing ; as I was not getting any spritzing and then POOF ... NO NOT ON MY PHOTO AND RIBBON !!! What can I say ... I even tested first ... oh well EMBRACING IT IS ( as Tim says embrace your imperfections. ).  I'm very pleased to have finished my tag.

Okay, that's it for now... I've gotta go finish up so I can drop the photos in and make deadline... see you shortly !! Hi ... "SHE"S BACK ! "

I finished my tag ... hope you enjoy it ... Thanks for visiting, see you again soon !


  1. I love those flowers and this tag! Feeling inspired!!!!!


  2. Thank you Shauna ! Those flowers are amazingly simple !!