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Thursday, April 30, 2015

12 Tags of 2015 April Tag

Hi everybody ! Boy is it hot here ... it is 84 degrees at  6:15 P.M. . How's your weather ?
Well it's that time... I'm not early but I'm getting it done :)

OMG... I gotta say this tag is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G  ( yes I know I say it all the time) ... seriously Tim WOWS us every time with the simplest of techniques and details that make a world of difference to a project. I believe he's gonna make an artist out of me yet.
Even being in the eleventh hour I could not settle for just one tag; I had to make both. So here are my tags.

Okay on the yellow flower tag ... I could not get my second marker in the spritzer fast enough so I decided to spritz a little more water ... OH NO ... I messed up my beautiful background. Well maybe not ... with a little embracing I've got another amazing look !

I thought my black  soot was  drying up ... I wasn't getting the speckles then all of a sudden poof... there they were... not another mishap !! I know the drill ... embrace my imperfections ... actually it's pretty cool.

I had to take another photo at this point ... I looked at my work and I was blown away ... seriously ... I got emotional... those little details ... WOW ... amazing ... I DID THIS ... Thanks Tim ! :)

Well , I hope you enjoyed making your tags /project as well as I enjoyed mine . Imperfections and all
I so enjoyed these tags. Those thinlits are so fun and the way they are used ... just genius ... I dreaded that part because I thought it would be tedious... not at all ( even though I lost the dot for the I's a few times under my nails ... hahaha ) . And the black stitching ... fabulous touch... like Tim says " It's all in the details " ! Well that's it for now ... see you next time :)


  1. Hello there Rea'....You did a great job on your tags! I love them BOTH! I understand just what you mean about worrying over your back grounds. I couldn't get mine to "wick out" like Tim does. He is right, gotta embrace those imperfections. I try to tell myself there is no wrong way..LOL! esp when I was trying to sew. For me ....it's all about having fun, learning, and sharing this craft....until next time!

  2. Hi Mylissa ... Thanks for stopping by and for your beautiful words ! Yep... it is so much fun to learn and share... such an amazingly talented Tim community out there :)