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Monday, December 1, 2014

It's Advent Season !

Speaking of Holidays ... have you seen Somerset Holidays & Celebrations ? OMG I love Somerset and every now and then I buy a copy. There are so many great ideas and so much inspiration... it just takes me to my Happy Place ! Vanessa Spencer created this adorable Advent Calendar; it's called an Out-of-the ordinary ( Somerset Holidays & Celebrations p. 26 ) .  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to make one.
Last year I purchased some stickers from Simples Stories from a 25 Days Christmas Collect with the intent to create an advent box I was waiting for the place where I ordered to get more papers so I could order them... well long story short that collection was discontinued. So when I saw Vanessa's calendar these stickers came to mind immediately ... yay I found something to do with these number stickers !

I just love the colors of these stickers and figured I could create a cute calendar too ! It took me a month almost ( doing several other projects in between)  to plan out my calendar. A few days ago I started my count down to my 65th Birthday and my goal everyday is to create something and/or complete a UFO everyday for the next 65 days ! What better thing to complete than an advent calendar! I used Vanessa's Calendar as my springboard. What a project it turned out to be ... I almost gave up ! I had trouble trying to find some items I wanted. I ended up masking the coin envelopes because I could not find them in white. Finding buckets the size I wanted was difficult as well but I created a way to include the buckets on tags with the numbers on the tag.

It was a little frustrating in that my cats thought it was a play toy and that I was playing with them as I attempted to attach the various components. I am  happy to say they all survived and the calendar is completed in time for advent season !

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