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Monday, March 17, 2014

Zebra Diva Baby Shower

The "Zebra Diva" Baby Shower was so much fun. Every thing came out so nice... my niece was pleased. It was so fun making the Zebra's and planning everything out. Themes are so fun to play with for showers and parties. My niece's color scheme was zebra print and hot pink. I got lots of inspiration from Pinterest ( you can checkout my Zebra Diva Shower Ideas Board).  So many creative people with fun ideas !

 My Cricut got a work out... I used FOUR Cricut cartridges ( I'm so very proud of myself) some of these were first time ever projects !
I used Baby Steps for the bows for the clothespin game and the onesie for the baby girl banner. I used Create A Critter for the adorable Zebra's. Plantin SchoolBook for the lettering on the banners and the yard sign. And Pretty Pennants for the two banners.

My yard sign was a zebra place mat I bought from Dollar Tree; and my brother cut the sticks for me... I just told him what I wanted and fifteen minutes later he came back and said  "that's the best I can do on short notice"... he's just so cool like that !

I thought I had a better photo of the Baby Girl Banner with the cute onesie... but I couldn't find it. I wanted to show off that onesie... it was done with hot pink cardstock  and zebra print (Cricut Baby Steps p. 36) ... the hot pink was the under layer and the zebra print was top layer with pink flower and I put black bling on the cuffs and at the crouch... they looked like snaps ... just too cute !! ( I found some more photos... yay ! )

Zebra print was everywhere... on the cupcake stand, the water bottles, the napkins, the tissue paper in the floral center pieces. I used silk  Gerber daisies in ivy bowls, with black pebbles at the bottom, wrapped in zebra tissue paper!

Like I said the Zebra Theme was so much fun, the pencils they used for the games and the game sheets were also zebra print ! The guestbook/gift register was ... you guessed it Zebra print. It was a Journal  I bought from Michael's that I embellished with various ribbons ... black and white polka dot, pink with black stitching, solid hot pink, and solid black. It was so cool ... I could not find the initial J  ( I searched three stores... LOL )for baby's name but I got P for the family name.
My favorite  if I had to pick just one thing and that would be hard)was the black clothesline with the zebra print outfits ! But truth be told I LOVED it ALL. The dessert table(s) ... yes tables ... it over flowed so we added a table were fun; chocolate cupcakes with pink butter creme icing and a candy bar with variety of pink and black  candies !! I so loved putting that part together; there were good n' plenty, white taffy, pink/black chocolate coins, pink and black bubble gum balls, black gourmet jelly beans and pink chocolate candies ... fun , fun ,fun ! It was a family affair so I had something for all ages. Other treats included chocolate dipped Oreos and sugar cookies and chocolate dipped marshmallows which were definitely a hit with the youngest member of the family !!

I was so busy that I forgot to take pictures once it was all set up before the shower, but I hope what I did get gives you a pretty good idea what it looked like ! I hope you enjoyed the view !

Oh and I almost forgot the cupcake toppers  were designed by the gracious Marisol Figueroa from
Modishly Delish. I saw these on Catch My Party and was able to contact her for the design! Thank you again Marisol !

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  1. Great to know about your wine and cheese party. Good to find that you all had great fun there. Planning to arrange a wine and cheese tasting party for my all dear ones at one of LA venues. Now just need to have best ideas for the day as want to make it a best one.