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Friday, February 28, 2014

12 Tags of 2012 February Tag

12 Tags of 2012  February Tag

Wow can't believe the day I've had! I was already frustrated because I wasn't able to get to my tag before now ( that's a story in itself ... I won't bore you ). Today I'm working through some emotional frustration. As some of you know I'm a Prayer Warrior for Sick Babies/ Children. Two of my babies are not doing well at all today. Lydia who is about 16 months has an aneurysm in addition to her other health issues and they are unable to treat it at this time... it doesn't appear she is getting any better so hopes  for treatment  of the aneurysm is dwindling as each day passes. My Amber who is 18 years old is dying of brain cancer ( possibly transitioning as I post this). To add to my frustrating day the lights are flickering with this storm ( SCE usually goes out with the first hard rain... ANYWAY I'm frantically trying to get this posted and my direct link to my blog has been dropped yet again ( such timing) !!
So this months tag is way cool http://timholtz.com/12-tags-of-2014-february/ These techniques were cool to observe... you really got to check out what Tim  did .

Okay so on to MY tag ...  I'd like to say this tag was fun... the techniques were fun... I just wasn't having fun! I can't believe I had that much trouble today, I've done the chalk board technique and it came out fine NOT today ! I did it 5 ... yes I said FIVE times ( just short of tears I decided to let well enough alone  ... embrace the imperfection and move on. Oh, I had no problem with the background... I love how the hearts have that fade look. I will at a later date revisit this technique but for now; I completed my February tag !  Actually looking at my tag ... it's kind of cool, it's got that "worn" look to the chalkboard part ... SEE Tim ; I know how to embrace my imperfections :)  I don't like feeling left out and when I don't get my tags done I feel  so left out... so in spite of how I was feeling I worked through it ... yay me !

Do go check out Tim's Tag it really is awesome ! AND then don't forget to check back for his March tag ... tomorrow is March 1st !  See you later

Oh, Oh ... I almost forgot... Tim's  new book Compendium III is out ; check out the details http://timholtz.com/blog/. AND starting in April Linda Ledbetter over at  http://lindaledbetter.com/ is going to be doing the Compendium of Curiosities Challenges  ( check out details on her blog.
Get your book and join us; it's going to be fun! My book is in the mail I can't wait for it to get here !!

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