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Friday, February 24, 2012

Some of My Favorite Projects

As I was preparing my projects for my Graphic 45 audition post I realized that it was difficult to select items that would showcase my work. I had problems trying to decide what to do for projects, inspiration wasn't coming as quickly as I would have liked, and then frustration set in. That little voice inside my head kept saying you're not good enough; then the debate ( all in my head of course) was on. So I decided to take a visit back through my own blog and to revisit some of my creations.  ! So this post was born out of that journey.WOW, what a journey. I will be sharing some of my favorites ( truth be told we don't always like our finished projects at first finished viewing).
I'll start with some cards

Next are some of my favorite ATC cards

Okay those could go on for awhile, I really like ATC cards. One of the things I like most is that I have such a variety and when I go back and look at them I'm amazed at my own work. Next I have tags, now you know I love tags too ( I won't show my Tim 12 tags of Christmas you'll have to visit the archives for those).

Now for some of my favorite  misc. projects mini albums, altered work etc. Some of my newer items will be on a later blog.

These are just a few of my favorites, some I have not taken photos of ( like my pages... not sure why I don't have photos yet ...humm). I do have a couple of items that were totally out of my comfort zone, but I was  pleased with the outcome. I'm grateful for the creative gift that God has given me and for all the opportunities to share that gift. Thank you for visiting.
The above two items were the couple that were out of my comfort zone. The bra was a creation I did for a Bra Contest ( which I'm pleased to say I won ) for Cancer Awareness. Using the bra as a "canvas" was quite an experience, but my imagination took over.
The second item wax canvas was my first experience ( I REALLY DID NOT know what I was doing), I just wanted to experiment... I wasn't too disappointed with the outcome. I may revisit that medium one day.
Well, that's it for now ... this was a test of something new I'm learning, thank you for your patience :) !

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