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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Reflections

As 2011 is winding down I'm thinking about All the accomplishments ( large and small) that I made, rather than focus on what I did not get done. Yey ... I tackled my blog, the fear and intimidation is gone ( for the most part); replaced by frustration... but I learned  so many little things . I have 215 post Wow !
I learned how to use my cell phone to send pictures to my blog ... I  promise to learn how to do the "album" thing next  so the post wont be so long. I'm excited about my progress,  thanks to  Shabbly Blogs for tutorials .
I got out of my comfort zone  I visited several blogs, participated in blog hops, it's been an interesting journey... I entered a couple of contest , met some new people  even won some contests !!

The choir, Total Praise   has been on an amazing journey also, we've done some recordings in preparation for the release of a CD and preparation for an impending movie project (Hole In The Head:ALife Revealed  www.facebook.com/holeinthehead ), and we've participated in many Ministry Outreaches with Restored Life Fellowship. Through our participation we've met many new people and
have been involved in Ministry.

In my persoanl life, I celebratred my second year as an ordained minister. I also joined the Threshing Flooer Prayer Partners  and did online classes with Dr. Juanita Bynum. What an amazing time of fellowship and spiritual growth !

I celebrated the Homegoing of some special friends and continued to adjsut to life without the " other man " ( Uncle Bob), what an adjustment, I really felt it this year as the anniversary of my dad's passing came around ... the small things that he (uncle Bob) and I did to survive those yearly reminders seemed not so small... when I had to do them ALONE ! By the grace of God I survived!

So now... with the accomplishments out of the way ... I guess I DO  have some regrets for 2011 ... I did not get the Queendom set up ! So first New Year's  Resolution : Set up the Queendom , Queendom Party  coming soon !!

I did not get to do 12 Tags of Christmas ( as I had planned... not having power, having to do clean up from winds etc. hindered my plans ),  the highlight of my year ...  BUT 2011 isn't done yet  so... in the next THREE DAYS  I'm going to do my tags  ... Woo Hoo !!!

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