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Friday, October 21, 2011

Hello my friends! I guess you thought I forgot about my blog..No I did not!
I just can't keep up with "life" lately. I've been doing a class everynight, my choir has been recording, I've been making cards for OWH AND I just finished making some cool Tim Holtz Halloween stuff!
Anyway... I went kind of crazy on some Tim Halloween goodies ... Sooooooooo, I put myself on punishment ( yes, again) and THEN I look on FB and Brandin of Webster's Pages post ALL these cool goodies that I've been looking at BUT said I would not buy yet ( I wanna stay on punishment for at least a week !! ). How MEAN is that... I'll forgive her she doesn't know about my punishment. I so love those gem strips ... I feel you Shauna! And Tim ... those paper in that 6X6 pad are so colorful and cool, I think I need those. But wait, Jaime likes the feather flower picks... I ain't mad at you !! Okay I can't stand this bloomers too ... OMG  you're killing me Webster's Pages !!! Will she stay on punishment or will Webster's Pages tempt her ?? Pisst ...Hey Brandin ... if you guys make me a winner ... I can stay on punishment !!!

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