Queendom Relics by Rea'

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Here's the story about the April 2nd pic... I came across this little doll while spring cleaning... Thirty years ago my mother gave me this doll in a hanging planter basket of fern... it was a Welcome Gift for the newest member of our family Cherilyn Renee' Barnes, who was to arrive shortly ( we adopted). I had decorated the bedroom, decorated the crib (made the comforter and bumper pad), gotten all the clothes from storage as we had been preparing for Cherilyn for quite some time . My mom had commented there wasn't anything left to do and she wanted the moment to be special... and this beautiful planter was delivered ! That was my moment of passage into motherhood . It was if this little doll represented the passing of the torch so to speak from my mom to myself. On April 2nd as I came across this doll (she had gotten wet and moldy) and I knew my plans of passing her on were gone ; all the emotions of the day she was given to me welled up inside of me ... I was excited that I was finally going to be a mom, I was scared to death ; didn't know if this was the right decison didn't know if I was going to be a good mom or if the child was going to like me ... the full range of emotions. This planter was so beautiful and so peaceful. Such a special gift from such a special person my mom ... such special memories! As I stuffed the doll back into the baggie ; trying to decide if it was worth trying to save her; I thought to myself, my life as a mother is like that doll ... I'm "worn" from the weather (life situations and circumstances) but I've got lots of special memories ...

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